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General Sessions

  • AM material modeling
    Material modeling at micro- and meso-structure level for all material types including metals, polymers, concrete, timber, etc.
    Managed by: P.Steinmann

  • AM process simulation
    High fidelity coupled analysis at component level, including thermo-mechanical, etc.
    Managed by: M.Chiumenti

  • AM multi-physics and multi-scale problems
    Binder jetting, powder spreading and powder melting, melt pool, etc.
    Managed by: E.Rank and S.Kollmannsberger

  • AM optimization
    Product performance optimization, including shape and topological optimization, lattice structure analysis, etc.
    Managed by: O. Sigmund

  • AM product simulation and innovative applications
    Focus on applications for all material types, including also simplified methods, e.g., shrinkage or inherent strain method, etc.
    Managed by: F.Auricchio and S.Morganti

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