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About the presentations

Presentations Time and Equipment:

The Technical Programme consists of 7 Plenary Lectures, 11 Invited Sessions, 7 Contributed Sessions, with 171 presentations in total. All presentations will be oral.

Each regular presentation is allocated 20 minutes, and each plenary lecture is allocated 45 minutes. Times include questions.

A PC and an LCD projector will be present in each room. We strongly encourage using these PC. Please upload your presentation on the PC and test it in your session room during the coffee-break before your presentation.

No overhead projectors will be provided; therefore no presentations using transparencies will be possible.

Recommendations for your presentation:

The connectors available on the projector will be VGA and HDMI. We suggest taking with you any adaptor needed if you want to use  your own laptop, which is not the recommended option.

In order to prepare your slides for oral presentation please take also into account that the projectors available at the venue of the conference will have a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels (16:9 aspect ratio).

If you are using PowerPoint, we recommend you to adjust the slide size in Design->Page Setup menu and choose 16:9 ratio to ensure the compatibility.

We strongly encourage you to have a backup of your presentation on a USB storage device in order to upload it on the available PC.

It is author’s responsibility to check in advance that presentations correctly work with the available version of the installed software.

These PC are based on Windows 10 and the version of Microsoft Office 2016 is available. For the pdf document, the tools Adobe Reader DC will be used.

Power sockets and plug converters for electricity in France:

In France the standard voltage is 230 V. The standard frequency is 50 Hz. The power sockets that are used are of type E.

You can use your electric appliances in France if the standard voltage in your country is in between 220V - 240V. If the standard voltage in your country is in the range of 100V - 127V, you need a power converter. If the label on the appliance states 'INPUT: 100-240V, 50/60 Hz', it can be used in all countries of the world.

Power socket E/F
Power socket E/F.
French power outlet.

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