19h International Conference on Finite Elements in Flow Problems - FEF 2017


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05/04/2017    16:10 - 18:30
High Performance Computing in Aerospace Applications
Invited Session organized by Marco Fossati
Sala: D
Chair: Marco Fossati

Towards Real-Time CFD Simulation of In-Flight Icing
W. Habashi and Z. Zhan

Task-based parallelization and dynamic load balance of finite element assembly
G. Houzeaux, M. Garcia-Gasulla, R. Ferrer, J. Labarta and M. Vázquez

High-Order Parallel Implicit Newton-Krylov-Schur Algorithm for Steady and Unsteady Flows Based On Summation-By-Parts Operators
D.W. Zingg and P.D. Boom

Discontinuous Galerkin Approach to Fire Detection in Cargo Holds
L. Martinelli and M Lohry

A Mixed DG Framework for the Second-Order Boltzmann-Based Hypersonic Rarefied and Low-Speed Microscale Gas Dynamics
R. S. Myong

An interpolation-free mesh adaptation approach for unsteady inviscid flows in aeronautical applications
B. Re, A. Guardone and C. Dobrzynski