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Plenary lectures will be complemented by Invited Sessions organized by recognised experts in targeted
research areas. Contributions to these sessions are by invitation of the organizers.

Persons willing to organize an Invited Session on a specific topic are kindly requested to send their proposal to the conference secretariat.

The preliminary list of confirmed Invited Sessions follows:

Advances in Meshless and Weakened Weak Formulations in Computational Mechanics
Organizers: Jorge Belinha, Renato M. Natal Jorge and Gui-Rong Liu

Applications of Computational Methods to Product and Process Design for Industry
Organizers: Takashi Iizuka and Takashi Kuboki

Computational Biomechanics
Organizers: Gerhard Holzapfel, Ellen Kuhl and Ferdinando Auricchio

Computational Mesoscale Plasticity
Organizers: Amine Benzerga and Alan Needleman

Computational Modeling of Ductile Fracture at Multiple Scales
Organizers: Laura De Lorenzis, Pierre-Olivier Bouchard and Olivier Allix

Computational Modeling of Fatigue in Polymers
Organizers: Sami Holopainen and Daniel Juhre

Computational Modeling of Material Forming Processes
Organizers: Jean-Philippe Ponthot and Carlos Agelet de Saracibar

Computational Models for Continuous/Discontinuous Transition
Organizers: Elena Benvenuti, Giulio Ventura and José César de Sá

Computational Scale Bridging 
Organizers: Jörg Schröder, Varvara G. Kouznetsova and Kenjiro Terada

Computational Strategies for Metal Cutting & Forming Operations
Organizer: Miguel Vaz Júnior

Evolving Microstructures in Solids
Organizers: Jörn Mosler and Laurent Stainier

Irreversible Material Phenomena in the Presence of Uncertainty: Constitutive Modelling and 
Computational Approaches
Organizers: B. Rosić, H.G. Matthies and A. Ibrahimbegović

Isogeometric Methods
Organizers: Thomas J.R. Hughes and Alessandro Reali

Model Order Reduction with Emphasis on Non-linear and Multi-scale Problems
Organizers: Stefanie Reese, Pierre Ladevčze and Yvon Maday

Modeling of Heterogeneous Materials with Complex Microstructures -
Session in Memory of Christian Miehe (1956-2016)
Organizers: Christian Linder and Ekkehard Ramm

Modeling of Shrinkage Cracking in Porous Media
Organizers: Pere Prat and Alberto Ledesma

Multiscale Modeling of Concrete and Concrete Structures
Organizers: Herbert Mang, Bernhard Pichler and Yong Yuan

Size-effects in Metal Plasticity
Organizers: Emilio Martínez-Pańeda, Benjamin Klusemann and Christian Niordson

Verification and Validation Procedures in Computational Solid Mechanics
Organizers: C. Andrade, D. Cendon and G. Ruiz

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