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Invited Sessions

Call for Invited Sessions

Plenary lectures will be complemented by Invited Sessions organized by recognised experts in targeted research areas.

Participants interested in organizing an Invited Session as part of COUPLED 2021 are requested to submit a proposal to the conference secretariat no later than June 1st, 2020

Confirmed Invited Sessions

Advances in Multiphysics Modelling and Simulation of Electromagnetic Systems
Federico Moro, University of Padua, Italy
Innocent Nyonzima, University of Grenoble Alpes, France

Block Preconditioning for Challenging Multiphysics Systems
Matthias Mayr, Sandia National Laboratories, USA
John Shadid, Sandia National Laboratories, USA
Haim Waismann, Columbia University, USA
Suvranu De, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA

Coupled and Multi-Scale Bioengineering Problems
Eduardo Divo, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, USA
Alain Kassab, University of Central Florida, USA

Coupled Thermomechanical Modeling of Material Forming Processes
Carlos Agelet de Saracibar, CIMNE/UPC BarcelonaTech
J.P. Ponthot, Université de Liège, Belgium,
Robertt. Valente, University of Aveiro, Portugal

Multi-fidelity approaches for coupled models
Angelo Iollo, Michel Bergmann and Tommaso, INRIA, France

Recent Advances in Model and Complexity Reduction for Coupled Problems
Karsten Urban, University of Ulm, Germany
Silke Glas, Cornell University, USA

Solution of coupled problems with embedded discretization techniques
Santiago Badia, Monash University, Australia
André Massing, NTNU Norway
Francesc Verdugo, CIMNE, Barcelona, Spain

Uncertainty quantification for coupled multi-physics, multi-scale and multi-fidelity modeling
Douglas Allaire, Texas A&M University, USA
Alireza Doostan University of Colorado Boulder USA
John D. Jakeman, Sandia National Labs, USA
Lorenzo Tamellini, CNR IMATI, Italy

Virtual, Digital and Hybrid Twins in the third millennium engineering, industry and society
Francisco Chinesta, ENSAM ParisTech, France
Elias Cueto, University of Zaragoza, SpainV
Jean-Louis Duval, ESI Group, France
Charbel Farhat, Stanford University, USA

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