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Wednesday, October 20th

18:00 - 21:00
Icebreaking Reception & Pre Registration

Thursday, October 21st

08:00 - 12:00

08:15 - 08:30
Welcome and Opening address

08:30 - 10:00
Room: Hall D1
Chair: Kenneth Runesson
Isogeometric Analysis
T. Dokken, T. Kvamsdal, K.F. Pettersen, V. Skytt

Misconceptions in Fracture Toughness Definitions Required for Structural Integrity Assessment
K. Wallin

10:00 - 10:30
Coffee Break

10:30 - 12:30
Isogeometric Analysis
Thematic Session organized by Trond Kvamsdal, Kjell Magne Mathisen
Room: Hall D1
Chair: Trond Kvamsdal
CoChair: Kjell Magne Mathisen
Isogeometric Analysis and Shape Optimisation

J. Gravesen, A. Evgrafov, A.R. Gersborg, D.M. Manh, P.N. Nielsen

Isogeometric Analysis toward Shape Optimization in Electromagnetics
N.D. Manh, A. Evgrafov, J. Gravesen, J.S. Jensen

Adaptive Isogeometric Analysis using T-splines
K.A. Johannessen, T. Kvamsdal

Linear Isogeometric Shell Analysis in Marine Applications
G. Skeie, S. Støle-Hentschel, T. Rusten

Isogeometric Finite Element Methods for Nonlinear Problems
K.M. Okstad, K.M. Mathisen, T. Kvamsdal

Fracture Mechanics / Materials ThM02
Room: Hall D2
Chair: Jonas Faleskog
Mapping of Stress, Strain, Dislocation Density and Fracture Probability in Silicon Multicrystals
J. Cochard, S. Gouttebroze, M. M‘Hamdi, Z.L. Zhang

A Constitutive Model for Strain-rate Dependent Ductile-to-brittle Transition
J. Hartikainen, K. Kolari, R. Kouhia

On Crack Propagation in Rails under RCF Loading Conditions
J. Brouzoulis

Mechanical Response and Fracture of Adhesively Bonded Joints
H. Osnes, D. McGeorge, G.O. Guthu

Numerical Predictions of Load-carrying Capacity of Pin-loaded FRC Plates
M. Polanco-Loria, F. Grytten, E. Hinrichsen

Analysis of the Accuracy of the Cartesian Grid Method
M.A. Farooq, B. Müller

Thematic Session organized by Anders Eriksson
Room: Hall D3
Chair: Anders Eriksson
Buckling of the Axisymmetric Stress-strain State as a Possible cause of Edema at the Edge of the Lamina Cribrosa
E.B. Voronkova

On the Stress-strain State of the Fibrous Eye Shell after Refractive Surgery
S.M. Bauer, E.V. Krakovskaya

On Pressure-volume Relationship under External Loading for a Human Eye Shell
S.M. Bauer, B.N. Semenov, E.B. Voronkova

Mathematical Models for Applanational Tonometry
S.M. Bauer, A.A. Romanova, B.N. Semenov

A Posteriori Error Computation for Optimal Steering of Mechanical Systems
H. Johansson, K. Runesson

A Parametric Study of the Rigid-foot Contact Model: effects on Induced Acceleration of the Body during Walking
R.L. Wang, E.M. Gutierrez-Farewik

12:30 - 13:30
Lunch Break

13:45 - 15:45
Computational Mechanics of Polymeric Materials
Thematic Session organized by Jianying He, Zhiliang Zhang
Room: Hall D1
Chair: Jianying He
CoChair: Mario Polanco
An Inverse Modelling Methodology for Parameters Identification of Thermoplastic Materials

M. Polanco-Loria, A.H. Clausen

Simulation of Tie-Chain Concentration in Semi-Crystalline Polyethylene
F. Nilsson

Size Dependent Behaviour of Micron-sized Composite Polymer Particles
J.Y. He, Z.L. Zhang, H. Kristiansen

The Effect of Crosslinked and Branched Polyethylene Molecules on the Thermo-mechanical Properties
J. Zhao, S. Nagao, Z.L. Zhang

Mechanical Behavior of 5-Fold Twinning FCC Iron Nanorod: A Molecular Dynamic Study
J. Wu, S. Nagao, J. Zhao, J.Y. He, Z. Zhang

Dynamics I / Simulation and Visualization ThA02
Room: Hall D2
Chair: Rolf Stenberg
Mathematical Modeling of a Semi-Active Vibration Controller with Electromagnetic Elements
R. Darula, S. Sorokin

Calculation of the Steady state Response of Rigid Rotors Supported by Flexible Elements and Controllable Dampers Lubricated by Magnetorheological Fluid
J. Zapomel, P. Ferfecki

Numerical Modeling of Rotating Compressor Blade with arbitrary stagger angle
J. Sun, L. Kari

Application of Max-min Method to Find Analytical Solution for Oscillators with Smooth Odd Nonlinearities
A. Mohammadi, M. Mohammadi, A. Kimiaeifar

Random Vibration Stress Analysis of the BepiColombo Boom Deployment System
S. Khoshparvar, L. Bylander, N. Ivchenko, G. Tibert

Constitutive Modeling and Validation of CGI Machining Simulations
G. Ljustina, M. Fagerström, R. Larsson

Biomechanics / Solid Mechanics ThA03
Room: Hall D3
Chair: Svetlana Bauer
Metal Plugs for Cartilage Defects - A Finite Element Study
K. Manda

FE Analysis of Orthogonal Cutting
M. Agmell, A. Ahadi, JE. Ståhl

Continuum Modeling of Size-effects in Single Crystals
C.F. Niordson, J.W. Kysar

Stiffness Visualization for Tensegrity Structures
S. Dalilsafaei, A. Eriksson, G. Tibert

Prediction of Long-term Mechanical Behavior of Glassy Polymers
S. Holopainen, M. Wallin

Exact and Simplified Modelling of Wave Propagation in Curved Elastic Layers
M. Nesari Zadeh, S. V. Sorokin

15:45 - 16:15
Coffee Break

16:15 - 18:15
Solid Mechanics ThE01
Room: Hall D1
Chair: Reijo Kouhia
Modeling Resin Flow and Preform Deformation in Composites Manufacturing Based on Partially Saturated Porous Media Theory
M. Rouhi, R. Larsson, M. Wysocki

Prediction of the Stiffness of Short Flax Fiber Reinforced Composites by Orientation Averaging
J. Modniks, J. Andersons

Computational Modeling of the Interlamellar Spacing in Pearlitic Steel
E. Lindfeldt, M. Ekh, H. Johansson

On the Modeling of Deformation Induced Anisotropy of Pearlitic Steel
N. Larijani, M. Ekh, G. Johansson, E. Lindfeldt

A Micro-sphere Approach Applied to the Simulation of Phase-transformations Interacting with Plasticity
R. Ostwald, T. Bartel, A. Menzel

An Implicit Adaptive Finite Element Method for Rate Dependent Strain Gradient Plasticity
C. Dahlberg, J. Faleskog

Computational Techniques ThE02
Room: Hall D2
Chair: Erik Lund
Hybrid State-Space Integration of Rotating Beams
M.B. Nielsen, S. Krenk

Neural Network Modeling of Forward and Inverse Behavior of Rotary MR Damper
S. Bhowmik, J. Høgsberg, F. Weber

An Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian Formulation for Simulation of Wheel-Rail Contact
A. Draganis, A. Ekberg, F. Larsson

Multiscale Modeling of Porous Media
C. Sandström, F. Larsson, H. Johansson, K. Runesson

Error Analysis of the Inverse Poisson Problem with Smoothness Prior
A. Huhtala, S. Bossuyt, A. Hannukainen

Free vibrations of beams with non-uniform cross-sections and elastic end constraints using Haar wavelet method
H. Hein, L. Feklistova

Simulation and Visualization / Fluid Dynamics ThE03
Room: Hall D3
Chair: to be confirmed
Adjoint Simulation of Guided Projectile Terminal Phase
T. Sailaranta, A. Siltavuori

Simulation of Kinkband Formation in Fiber Composites
V. Badrinath, H.M. Jensen

Influence of Piston Displacement on the Scavenging and Swirling flow in Two-Stroke Diesel Engines
A. Obeidat , S. Haider, K.M. Ingvorsen, K.E. Meyer, J.H. Walther

Curvature Computation for a Sharp Interface Method using the Conservative Level Set Method
C. Walker

Model and Results for the Motion in the Planetary Rings of Saturn, at the Moon Daphnis, in Keeler Gap
L. Strömberg

19:30 - 23:00
Seminar Banquet Dinner

Friday, October 22nd

08:30 - 10:30
Computational Fluid Mechanics I
Thematic Session organized by Luca Brandt, Philipp Schlatter
Room: Hall D2
Chair: Luca Brandt
CoChair: Philipp Schlatter
Biofluid Mechanics - LES and FSI

M. Karlsonn

Numerical simulations of gravity induced sedimentation of slender fibers
K. Gustavsson, A.-K Tornberg

A wall model for confined Stokes flow
O. Marin, K. Gustavsson, A-K. Tornberg

Numerical Simulations of a Free Squirmer in a Viscoelastic Fluid
L. Zhu, L. Brandt

Multiphase flow in papermaking: state-of-the-art and future challenges
F. Lundell, C. Ahlberg, M. C Fällman, K. Håkansson, M. Kvick

Statistics of polymer extensions in turbulent channel flow
F. Bagheri, D. Mitra, P. Perlekar, L. Brandt

Dynamics II FrL02
Room: Hall D1
Chair: Niels Leergaard Pedersen
Analysis of dynamic soil-structure interaction at high-tech facility
P. Persson, K. Persson

Vibration Analysis of Underground Tunnel at High-Tech Facility
J. Negreira Montero, K. Persson, D. Bard, P-E. Austrell, G. Sandberg

Unstable Non-linear Dynamic Response Investigation of Submerged Tunnel Taut Mooring Elements due to Parametric Excitation
A. Rønnquist, S. Remseth, G. Udahl

Numerical Modelling of Bit-Rock Interaction in Percussive Drilling by Manifold Approach
T. Saksala, J. Mäkinen

Free Vibrations of Stepped Cylindrical Shells containing Cracks
J. Lellep, L. Roots

Dispersion analysis of B-spline based finite element method for one-dimensional elastic wave propagation.
R. Kolman, J. Kopačka, J. Plešek, M. Okrouhlík, D. Gabriel

Structural Mechanics FrL03
Room: Hall D3
Chair: Håkan Johansson
Response Propagation Analysis of Imperfect Stiffened Plates with a Free or Flexible Edge using a Semi-analytical Method
L. Brubak, J. Hellesland

Strength Criterion for Stiffened Plates with a Free or Stiffened Edge
H. Andersen, J. Hellesland, L. Brubak

Steel-elastomer Sandwich Panels under Combined Loadings
B. Hayman, J. Fladby

On Computing Critical Equilibrium Points by Direct Method
J. Mäkinen, R. Kouhia, A. Ylinen

On lateral buckling of armour wires in flexible pipes
N. Østergaard, A. Lyckegaard, J. Andreasen

Stress Intensity Factors for Bolt Fixed Laminated Glass
M. Fröling, K. Persson

10:30 - 11:00
Coffee Break

11:00 - 12:30
Room: Hall D1
Chair: Kjell Magne Mathisen
Fatigue Computations in Engine Development
M.G. Danielsson

Particle Methods in Fluid Mechanics
J.H. Walther

12:30 - 13:30
Lunch Break

13:45 - 15:45
Computational Fluid Mechanics II
Thematic Session organized by Luca Brandt, Philipp Schlatter
Room: Hall D1
Chair: Luca Brandt
CoChair: Philipp Schlatter
Computation of particle-laden turbulent flows

H. Andersson, L. Zhao

Large-Eddy Simulation of Certain Droplet Size Effects in Fuel Sprays
V. Vuorinen, O. Kaario, H. Hillamo, M. Larmi, L. Fuchs

Droplet Impact and Penetration on a Porous Substrate: a Phase Field model
M. Do-Quang, F. Lundell, A. Oko, A. Swerin, G. Amberg

On the influence of aerodynamic interaction in particle-laden turbulent jet flows
A. Jadoon, J. Revstedt

Large scale accumulation of inertial particles in turbulent channel flow
P. Schlatter, L. Brandt, G. Sardina, F. Picano, C.M. Casciola

Optimization / FE-Techniques FrA02
Room: Hall D2
Chair: Geir Skeie
Stress Concentration and Design of Spline Shaft
N.L. Pedersen

Cell Based Finite Volume Discretization of Control in the Coefficients Problems
A. Evgrafov, M.M. Gregersen, M.P. Soerensen

Nonlinear buckling optimization including "worst" shape imperfections
E. Lund, E. Lindgaard

Topology optimization using the phase field approach
M. Wallin, M. Ristinmaa, H. Askfelt

A Mass-Conserving Finite Element Method for the Brinkman Problem
J. Könnö, R. Stenberg

Modeling of Mass Transfer in the Micro-structure of Concrete
F. Nilenius, F. Larsson, K. Lundgren, K. Runesson

Structural Mechanics /Applications FrA03
Room: Hall D3
Chair: Jouni Freund
CoChair: Gӧran Sandberg
Atomistic Simulations of Buckling Properties of Gold Nanowires
P. Olsson, H. Park

Influence of Spontaneous Convection on Amperometric Biosensor Response
E. Gaidamauskaite, R. Baronas

Multiscale Modeling of Sintering of Hard Metal
M. Öhman, K. Runesson, F. Larsson

High-velocity compaction simulation using the discrete element method
M. Shoaib, L. Kari

Isogeometric Analysis - Geometry Modelling of a Wind Turbine Blade
S.B. Raknes, K.A. Johannessen, T. Kvamsdal, K.M. Okstad

The splitting finite-difference schemes for two-dimensional parabolic equation with nonlocal conditions.
S. Sajavičius

15:45 - 16:00
Closing Remarks