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Sunday, June 14th

18:00 - 20:00

Monday, June 15th

08:00 - 08:45

08:45 - 09:00

09:00 - 09:45
Room: A

Predictive Prospects of Marine-Engineering Simulations
T. Rung

09:45 - 10:55
Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics MoM1
Room: A

The numerical prediction of the extreme loads on flap-type energy converters.
S. Marrone, A.  Colagrossi, D.  Le Touzé and V. Baudry

Flow past a sphere using smoothed particle hydrodynamics in 3D
M. Gholami Korzani, A. Scheuermann, S. Galindo Torres and D. Williams

On the SPH Modelling of Flow Over Cylinder Beneath to a Free-surface
M. Ozbulut, N. Tofighi, O. Goren and M. Yildiz

Ship design and optimization I MoM2
Room: B

Bulbous bow optimisation: potential vs viscous solvers
A. Drouet, P.M. Guilcher and P.E. Guillerm

Prediction of Ship-Engine-Propeller Simultaneous Matching and Development of a Propeller and Engine Selecting System
S. Lin, J. Sun and D. Xie

Numerical Optimisation of an Adaptable Stern Geometry for a RoPaX Vessel
D. Hafermann, K. Frömming and K. Martinsen

IS - Numerical Modeling Experiments for Offshore Wind-Energy
Invited Session organized by Umberto Rizza
Room: C

Long-term global response analysis of a vertical axis wind turbine supported on a semi-submersible floating platform: comparison between operating and non-operating wind turbine load cases
M. Collu, L. Manuel, M. Borg and J. Liu

The STROMA Project: Simulations of wind-velocity fields and heat-fluxes with wind tunnel experiments
B. Bodmann

Comparison of the Extreme Responses from Different Methods of Simulating Wave Kinematics
N.I. Mohd Zaki, M.K. Abu Husain and G. Najafian

10:55 - 11:25

11:25 - 13:15
IS - Transient and Unsteady Effects in Ship Hydrodynamics
Invited Session organized by Rickard Bensow and Mattias Liefvendahl
Room: A

Numerical prediction of cavitation and radiated underwater noise of a research vessel
A. Feymark, M. Liefvendahl and R. Bensow

Cavitation dynamics and underwater radiated noise signature of a ship with a cavitating propeller
D.Q. Li, J. Hallander, T. Johansson and R. Karlsson

Simulation­-based analysis, using near-­wall modelled LES, of the stern flow of a bulk carrier
O.J. Boelens, M. Liefvendahl, K. Petterson and C. Fureby

Hybrid URANS-LES Simulation of Propeller-Hull Interactions on a Self-Propelled Underwater Body at Straight-Ahead Conditions
B Rhee and S.E. Kim

IS - Computational Methods in Support of Ocean Energy Harvesting I
Invited Session organized by Gianmaria Sannino and Vincenzo Nava
Room: B

Traditional turbulence methods and novel visualisation techniques for coastal flow model in order to deploy tidal stream turbines
I. Masters, E. Zangiabadi, M. Edmunds, I.A. Fairley, M. Togneri, A.J. Williams and T.N. Croft

A comparison of numerical modelling techniques for tidal stream turbine analysis
I. Masters, A.J. Williams, T.N... Croft, M. Togneri, M. Edmunds, E. Zangiabadi and I. Fairley

Rain erosion numerical modeling applied to multi-MW off-shore wind turbine
A. Corsini, A. Castorrini, P. Venturini and F. Rispoli

Numerical Study on Active and Passive Trailing Edge Morphing Applied to a Multi-MW Wind Turbine Section
A. Castorrini, A. Corsini, M. Boezi and F. Rispoli

Adaptive simulation of unsteady flow past the submerged part of a floating wind turbine platform
J. Jansson, V. Nava, M. Sanchez, G. Aguirre, R. Vilela de Abreu, J. Hoffman and J.L. Villate

IS - HPC Applications in CFD
Invited Session organized by Massimo Bernaschi and Giorgio Amati
Room: C

Coupling the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model and the Regional Ocean Modeling System (ROMS) with a Large Eddy Simulation Line Actuator to predict power production in wind farms
E. Garcia Cartagena, C. Santoni, U. Ciri and S. Leonardi

Large-scale SPH Simulations using Dynamic Load Balance on a GPU Supercomputer
S. Tsuzuki and T. Aoki

Direct numerical simulation of turbulent channel flow at high Reynolds number
M. Bernardini, S. Pirozzoli and P. Orlandi

Using accelerators to speed up scientific and engineering codes: perspectives and problems
E. Calore, S.F. Schifano and R. Tripiccione

Highly parallel simulations of Taylor-Couette flow
R. Ostilla Monico, R. Verzicco and D. Lohse

13:15 - 14:15

14:15 - 15:00
Room: A

Highly resolved simulations of air-water interaction during the breakingof extreme waves
A. Iafrati

15:00 - 16:10
Hydrodynamics and Propulsion I MoE1
Room: A

Investigation of Effective Wake Scaling of Unconventional Propellers
S.K. Peravali, B. Rickard, W. Sofia and G. Walter

A generalised fully unsteady hybrid RANS/BEM model for marine propeller flow simulations
F. Salvatore, D. Calcagni, R. Muscari and R. Broglia

Detached Eddy Simulation of Blade-Pod Interactions
X.Q. Dong and C.J. Yang

FSI, Structures and Materials I MoE2
Room: B

The vibration based diagnostics of ship propulsion systems
Z. Korczewski and J. Rudnicki

An energy approach to the fatigue life of ship propulsion systems
Z. Korczewski and J. Rudnicki

Identification of material parameters of thin curvilinear viscoelastic solid layers in ships and ocean structures by sensing the bulk acoustic signals
E. Mamontov and V. Berbyuk

Offshore Engineering I MoE3
Room: C

A nonlinear constitutive model for large-scale analysis of flexible risers
M. Rahmati, H. Bahai and G. Alfano

Numerical simulation of turbulent free-surface flow in offshore applications
A. Veldman, R. Luppes, H.  van der Heiden, P. van der Plas, T. Bunnik and J. Helder

Hydroelastic Behaviour of Pneumatically Supported Floating Structures in Regular Waves
S. Hong, H. Lee, W. Hwang and J.S. Lee

Marine Renewable energy I MoE4
Room: D

Computational analysis of dynamic stability of Tension Leg Platforms foundation systems for offshore wind turbines in the south Baltic area
P. Dymarski

Spar Buoy numerical model calibration and verification
L. Damiani, E. Musci, G.R. Tomasicchio and F. D‘Alessandro

Fatigue Analysis of an Offshore Wind Turbine in Mediterranean Sea under a Probabilistic Framework
D. Bilionis and D. Vamvatsikos

16:10 - 16:30

16:30 - 18:00
Numerical methods in CFD I MoN1
Room: A

Totally Asynchronous Linear Equation-System Solvers for Unsteady CFD
J. Hawkes, S. Turnock, G. Vaz, S. Cox and A. Phillips

Solution and Domain Decomposition for Marine Hydrodynamics: RANS and Potential Flow Coupling
V. Vukčević, H. Jasak and Š. Malenica

Local and adaptive mesh refinement to capture tip vortices on wings and propellers
J. Windt and J. Bosschers

A new dynamic interface compression method for free-surface flows around high-speed planing craft
H. Lee and S.H. Rhee

IS - Computational Modelling and Design of Sailing Boats
Invited Session organized by Patrick Queutey and Alexandro Palmieri
Room: B

Evaluate performances of a downwind sail: Comparison of two automatic trimming procedure, Steady and Complete Dynamic method.
M. Durand, C. Lothode, A. Leroyer and M. Visonneau

Multidisciplinary Design Optimization of a Sailplan
D. Peri, N. Parolini and F. Fossati

Yacht sail flow: recent findings and unanswered questions
I.M. Viola

On the Fluid Dynamic Design and Optimization of Sailing Yachts’ Hull and Appendages using a complete Open Source Framework
G. Bailardi and J.E. Guerrero

Safety I MoN3
Room: C

Tank sloshing simulations in shallow-water approximation
D. Saburin

A Prismatic and Scalable Pressure Vessel with Applications to LNG Fuelling of Ships
P. Bergan and D. Chang

Sloshing Simulations of Various Types of LNG Tanks due to Ship Motions
Z. Ge, B. Wang and Y. Shin

Time domain simulation of coupled sloshing-seakeeping problems by means of SPH-FEM coupling
B. Serván-Camas, J.L. Cercós-Pita, J. Colom-Cobb and J. García-Espinosa

Coastal Engineering I MoN4
Room: D

Upscaling and validation of near-field dredging plume simulations
B. Decrop, T. De Mulder, E. Toorman and M. Sas

A computational framework for informing decision in relation to environmental impact of wastewater discharges
L.J. Alvarez-Vazquez, N. Garcia-Chan, A. Martinez and M.E. Vazquez-Mendez

Modelling wave-induced current at Haeundae Beach on orthogonal curvilinear grid by using CST3D
K.P. Lee, H.S. Kim, D.H. Hwang and S.W. Back

Numerical simulation of the dynamic response of rubble mound breakwaters using DDA
M. Rouainia, T. Charlton and S. Kaidi

20:00 - 21:30

Tuesday, June16th

08:45 - 09:30
Room: A

Using CFD to improve the energy efficiency of ships and their environmental footprint
J. Marzi

09:30 - 10:40
Greening of Marine Transport I TuM1
Room: A

Design of combined propeller/stator propulsion systems with special attention to scale effects
H. Streckwall, Y. Xing-Kaeding and S. Gatchell

Comparison of Unstructured Grid and Overset Grid Approaches for Flow Computations around a Ship with an Energy-Saving Duct
T. Hino, M. Hirota, N. Hirata and K. Ohashi

The development of “Ultimate Rudder” for EEDI
Y. Okada, M. Kawasaki, K. Katayama, A. Okazaki, K. Fukuda and M. Okazaki

IS - Isogeometric Methods for Marine Engineering
Invited Session organized by Trond Kvamsdal and Kjell Magne Mathisen
Room: B

Simulation of contact between subsea pipeline and trawl gear using mortar-based Isogeometric Analysis
K.M. Mathisen, K.M. Okstad, T. Kvamsdal and S.B. Raknes

A 3D Timoshenko Beam Element for FSI-simulation
K.M. Okstad, K.M. Mathisen and T. Kvamsdal

Stable Immersed Isogeometric Methods Applied to Marine Engineering
T. Kvamsdal, M.G. Larson, K. Larsson and K.M. Okstad

FSI, Structures and Materials II TuM3
Room: C

Numerical Study of VIV Over a Flexible Riser
C. Lothode, G. Fontaine, E. Guilmineau, A. Wang, F. Vertallier, M. Minguez, A. Cinello and D. Gross

A design application of cored polystyrene composite material to naval construction
H. José Caribé Ribeiro, A. de Macêdo Wahrhaftig and A. Nogueira Nascimento

Numerical Modelling of Granular Cargo on Bulk Carriers in Seaway
W. R. Wriggers and T. Rung

10:40 - 11:10

11:10 - 13:00
Hydrodynamics and Propulsion II TuA1
Room: A

Investigation of Tunnel Thruster Performance and Flow by Quasi-Steady and Unsteady RANS Simulations
C. Yu and C.J. Yang

Squat at very shallow water conditions and increased trim: Result of unsteady flow and united boundary layers under the ship’s hull?
C.-U Böttner and M. Kastens

Analysis of the unsteady wake of a full bottomed ship in shallow water
I. Shevchuk and N. Kornev

Performances analysis of a semi-displacement hull by numerical simulations
D. Durante, R. Broglia and G. Bizzarri

Time domain simulation of dynamic positioning manoeuvres based on impulse response functions.
O. Detlefsen, L. Theilen and M. Abdelmaksoud

IS - Efficient Algorithms for Design Optimization I
Invited Session organized by Daniele Peri
Room: B

Optimization for Ship Hulls - Design, Refit and Operation
V. Bertram and K. Hochkirch

Stochastic life cycle ship design optimization
T. Plessas and A. Papanikolaou

RANS-based optimization of the aft part of ships including free surface effects
A. van der Ploeg

Improving Predictive Quality of Kriging Metamodel by Variogram Adaptation
D. Peri

Parametric-adjoint Approach for the Efficient Optimization of Flow-Exposed Geometries
M. Brenner, S. Harries, J. Kröger and T. Rung

IS - Computational Methods in Support of Ocean Energy Harvesting II
Invited Session organized by Gianmaria Sannino and Vincenzo Nava
Room: C

The use of OpenFOAM as a virtual laboratory to simulate Oscillating Water Column Wave Energy Converters
I.  Simonetti, L. Cappietti, H. El Safti, G. Manfrida, H.G. Matthies and H. Oumeraci

Finite Element LES of a Wells turbine for Mediterranean operations using discontinuity-capturing directional dissipation
M. Bassetti, L. Cardillo, A. Corsini, G. Delibra and F. Rispoli

Wave to wire model of wave energy converters equipped with dielectric elastomer power take off
M. Fontana, R. Vertechy, M. Vicente and M. Alves

Effect of a negative stiffness mechanism on the performance the WEPTOS rotors
S. Peretta, P. Ruol, L. Martinelli, A. Tetu and J.P. Kofoed

Experimental test and numerical shape optimization of a point pivoted absorber for wave energy conversion
D.P. Coiro, G. Troise, G. Calise and N. Bizzarrini

13:00 - 14:00

14:00 - 14:45
Room: A

New particle-discrete-finite element method. Applications to marine and naval engineering problems
E. Oñate, S.R Idelsohn, M. A.  Celigueta and R. Rossi

14:45 - 15:55
IS - Offshore Technology
Invited Session organized by Julio García-Espinosa
Room: A

Non - Linear Finite Element Analysis of Mooring on Marine Structures
J.E. Gutiérrez Romero, J. García-Espinosa, B. Zamora Parra and J.A. Esteve Pérez

Validation of mean drift loads induced on a semisubmersible offshore platform
J. García-Espinosa, P. Dinoi, C. López-Pavón and B. Serván-Camas

A reduced order model for the simulation of mooring cable dynamics
G. Stabile, H.G. Matthies and C. Borri

The Graphical Implementation of FAST 8 for Offshore Wind Turbine Structural Analysis Software XSEA 2.0
K.D Kim, P. Plodpradit, C. Sinsabvarodom, A. Manovachirasan and B.J. Kim

IS - Efficient Algorithms for Design Optimization II
Invited Session organized by Daniele Peri
Room: B

A Study on Cavitation Reduction of Marine Propulsors by a Shape Design Optimization
S.J. Ahn, H.M. Lee and O.J. Kwon

Optimizing the ship constructions by automatic line heating forming process based in numerical simulation and artificial intelligence
J. Souto Grela, J. Otero Tranchero, B. Guijarro Berdiñas and D. Rego Fernandez

Significance of Parametric Hull Form Definition on Hydrodynamic Performance Optimization
S. Brizzolara, G. Vernengo, S. Harries and M. Brenner

IS - Numerical Modeling and Characterization of Nets for Marine Applications I
Invited Session organized by Igor Tsukrov
Room: C

Numerical formulation of sea loads to impermeable nets
A.J. Berstad and L.F. Heimstad

Numerical Study on the Hydrodynamic Response of Plane Metal Nets for Fish Cage
C.P. Chen, J.C. Zheng, Y.N. Zheng and X.Y. Shi

Numerical time integration methods for fish net deployment
G.M. Katsaounis

15:55 - 16:25

16:25 - 17:55
Marine Renewable energy II TuN1
Room: A

Finite element analysis of horizontal axis wind turbines performance
A. Calabretta, C. Testa, L. Greco and M. Gennaretti

Design of composite ducted horizontal axis tidal turbine
M. Ait Mohammed, M. Tarfaoui, J.M. Laurens and S. Moyne

Development of Vortex Separator for Seawater Intake System for OTEC of 20kw
S. Lee, H. Son and H. Kim

Numerical investigation of the aerodynamic performance for a Wells-type turbine in a Wave Energy Converter
G. Stipcich, A. Ramezani, V. Nava, I. Touzon, M. Sanchez-Lara and L. Remaki

IS - Numerical methods for predicting manoeuvring in waves
Invited Session organized by Andres Cura-Hochbaum
Room: B

Prediction of ship manoeuvres with a mathematical model expanded by hydrodynamic coefficients for mean forces and moments due to waves
A. Cura-Hochbaum and S. Uharek

CFD Computations of Ship Maneuvers in Calm Water and in Waves
B. El Moctar

Progress Toward Direct CFD Simulation of Maneuvers in Waves
P. Carrica, A. Mofidi and E. Martin

CFD, Potential Flow and System-Based Simulations of Fully Appended Free Running 5415M in Calm Water and Waves
H. Sadat-Hosseini, S.L. Toxopeus, M. Visonneau, E. Guilmineau, T.-G Yen, W.-M Lin, G. Grigoropoulos and F. Stern

Unsteady loading on the propeller at different manoeuvring conditions using hybrid and URANS methods
N. Abbas and N. Kornev

IS - Numerical Modeling and Characterization of Nets for Marine Applications II
Invited Session organized by Igor Tsukrov
Room: C

Structural analysis of floating pipes of the fish cage in currents
X.D. Bai, Y.P. Zhao and G.H. Dong

Hydrodynamic Analysis of an Abalone Aquaculture Structure: Comparison of Two Numerical Modelling Tools
D. Fredriksson, T. Kim, A. Drach, J. DeCew and I. Tsukrov

Comparison between experimental measurements and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation of an operational full scale salmon farm
H. W Rasmussen, Øy. Patursson and K. Simonsen

Overview of faring in exposed areas in the Faroes
H. Abrahamsen

19:15 - 23:00

Wednesday, June 17th

08:45 - 09:30
Room: A

Numerical Simulation of Bubbly Flows by a Multi–physics Lagrangian Model
R. Verzicco

09:30 - 10:40
Hydrodynamics and Propulsion III WeM1
Room: A

Numerical Simulation of Cavitating Ship Propeller Flow and Assessment of Erosion Aggressiveness
B. Budich, S.J. Schmidt and N.A. Adams

Development and Testing of the Propulsion System of MARTA AUV
B. Allotta, R. Costanzi, J. Gelli, L. Paolucci, L. Pugi and A. Ridolfi

Numerical Methods in CFD II WeM2
Room: B

GPU-Accelerated Large-Eddy Simulation of Ship-Ice Interactions
D. Mierke, C.F. Janßen and T. Rung

A next-generation CFD tool for large-eddy simulations on the Desktop
C.F. Janßen, N. Koliha and T. Rung

On the Numerical Requirements of RANS and Hybrid Turbulence Models
F.S. Pereira, G. Vaz and L. Eca

IS - Seaport terminal optimisation
Invited Session organized by Carlos Jahn
Room: C

Simulation Model of Innovative Yard Organization Concepts and Connections to Hinterland for Container Logistics
K. Striegel

Simulation meta-model for seaport container terminal design and optimization
A. Lange, G. Pirovano, R. Pozzi and T. Rossi

Seaport Terminal Optimisation
C. Jahn and A. Lange

Ship design and optimization II WeM4
Room: D

A scaling procedure for modern propeller designs
S. Helma

Numerical Models for Ship Dynamic Positioning
S. Donnarumma, M. Martelli and S. Vignolo

Multi-objective hull-form optimization using Kriging on noisy computer experiments
T.P. Scholcz, T. Gornicz and C. Veldhuis

10:40 - 11:10

11:10 - 13:00
Greening of Marine Transport II WeA1
Room: A

Marine Application of Flettner Rotors: Numerical Study on a Systematic Variation of Geometric Factor by DOE Approach
A. De Marco, S. Mancini, C. Pensa, R. Scognamiglio and L. Vitiello

Ship Voyage Energy Efficiency Assessment Using Ship Simulators
A. Bassam, A. Phillips, S. Turnock and P. Wilson

Active and passive pitch-controlled flapping wing propulsors; usage of the wake structure as a performance qualifier
V. Tsarsitalidis, G. Politis and K. Belibassakis

Detailed Flow Measurement around a Japan Bulk Carrier (JBC) with an Energy-Saving Circular Duct for Validation of CFD Codes
N. Hirata, H. Ooba, T. Hino and T. Kanai

Sizing and Energy Management of a Medium Hybrid Electric Boat
M.  Soleymani and F. Moghaddam

Numerical Methods in CFD III WeA2
Room: B

Developing spline based overset grid assembling approach and application to unsteady flow around a moving body
H. Kobayashi and Y. Kodama

The application of CFD to vortical flow structures detection in sea water pumping stations
C. Cravero, A. Gattoronchieri and L. DeFranco

Application of a surface tension method for VOF using a marching-cube isosurface construction algorithm to complex hydrodynamic flows
K. Politis, P. Queutey and M. Visonneau

Numerical Simulation of Free Surface Flows with Arbitrarily Moving Rigid Bodies
S. Kocabiyik and O.I. Gubanov

Numerical studies for verification and validation of open-water propeller rans computations
J. Baltazar, D. Rijpkema and J.A.C. Falcao de Campos

IS - Computational Methods in Support of Ocean Energy Harvesting III
Invited Session organized by Gianmaria Sannino and Vincenzo Nava
Room: C

Performance of a U-OWC – turbine coupled system using different control laws
F. Arena, V. Laface, G. Malara and F.M. Strati

Optimization of the Wavesax device: numerical modelling and ocean wave basin tests
G. Agate, A. Amicarelli, A. Danelli and M. Peviani

Influence of the excitation force estimator methodology within a predictive controller framework on the overall cost of energy minimisation of a wave energy converter.
F. Ferri, S. Ambühl and J.P. Kofoed

CFD Analysis of devices in oscillating water column - OWC
V. Russo, D. Nicolini and T. Crescenzi

Offshore Engineering II WeA4
Room: D

The accuracy and efficiency of the efficient time simulation procedure in derivation of the 100-year responses
M.K. Abu Husain, N.I. Mohd Zaki and G. Najafian

An overset-grid three-phase flow model for offshore operations
S. Völkner, X. Luo, W. R. Wriggers and T. Rung

X65 steel pipes subjected to combined stretching and bending
M. Kristoffersen, T. Børvik, M. Langseth and O.S. Hopperstad

Numerical Study of Vortex Induced Vibration of Circular Cylinder
S. Lee, H. Son, D. Jung and H. Kim

13:00 - 14:00

14:00 - 14:45
Room: A

Fluid-Structure Interaction on Wind Turbines Including Gearbox and Pitch/Speed Controllers
P. Carrica

14:45 - 16:15
Hydrodynamics and Propulsion IV WeN1
Room: A

Dynamic estimation of Bank-Propeller interaction effect on ship maneuvering using CFD method coupled to 6DOF algorithm
S. Kaidi, H. Smaoui, P. Sergent and A. Ouahsine

Free Running Prediction of a Fully Appended Submarine: Effects of Stern Plane Configurations
R. Broglia, M. Cannarozzo, G. Dubbioso and S. Zaghi

Impact of water depth on rowing fairness
E. Miglio, N. Parolini and M. Pischiutta

The Kriso Container Ship (KCS) Test Case: an Open Source Overview
S. Gaggero, D. Villa and M. Viviani

Coastal Engineering II WeN2
Room: B

A review of numerical wave makers for CFD methods
P. Schmitt and B. Elsaesser

Development of a fully nonlinear and dispersive model for simulating waves in harbours and coastal zones.
C. Raoult, M. Benoit and M.L. Yates

Turbulent marine bottom boundary layer by v2-f turbulence model
H. Smaoui, S. Kaidi and N. Huybrechts

Numerical investigation of nonlinear wave interaction with a submerged body
D. Ning, Q. Li and I.M. Viola

Underwater Vehicles WeN3
Room: C

Determination of Flow Parameters of a Water Flow around an AUV Body
J. Hoth and W. Kowalczyk

Unscented Kalman Filtering for Autonomous Underwater Navigation
B. Allotta, A. Caiti, R. Costanzi, F. Fanelli, D. Fenucci, E. Meli and A. Ridolfi

Towards Next Generation Intervention Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (I-AUV): Development of Innovative Mobile Manipulation Techniques
B. Allotta, R. Conti, R. Costanzi, F. Fanelli, E. Meli and A. Ridolfi

Dynamical Simulation and Optimization of Double-Helical AUV.
J. Auzins and M. Eimanis

Safety II WeN4
Room: D

Simplified model of contact force between a service vessel and a fixed monopile in irregular waves
A.  Edesess, D.  Kelliher and A. Borthwick

Frontal collision of a tanker against a rigid structure
M.A. Calle, R.E. Oshiro and M. Alves

16:15 - 16:45