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Invited Sessions

Computational Methods in Support of Ocean Energy Harvesting Organized by Gianmaria Sannino ENEA (Italy) and
Vincenzo Nava (Tecnalia, Spain)

Computational Modelling and Design of Sailing Boats Organized by Patrick Queutey CNRS-ECN, Nantes (France) and Alexandro Palmieri Tecnopolo della Nautica, Ravenna (Italy) Efficient Algorithms for Design Optimization Organized by Daniele Peri IAC, National Research Council (Italy) HPC Applications in CFD Organized by Massimo Bernaschi CNR-IAC, Rome (Italy) and Giorgio Amati CINECA, Bologna (Italy)

Isogeometric Methods for Marine Engineering
Organized by
Trond Kvamsdal
Sintef (Norway) and
Kjell Magne Mathisen NTNU (Norway)

Numerical Modeling and Characterization of Nets for Marine Applications Organized by:
Igor Tsukrov
University of New Hampshire (USA)

Numerical Modeling and Experiments for Offshore Wind-Energy Organized by
Umberto Rizza CNR-ISAC, Lecce (Italy)

Numerical Methods for Predicting Manoeuvring in Waves Organized by
Andrés Cura Hochbaum Technische Universität Berlin, Berlin (Germany)

Offshore Technology Organized by Julio García Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - UPC (Spain) Seaport Terminal Optimisation Organized by Carlos Jahn Institute of Maritime Logistics Hamburg University of Technology (Germany)

Transient and Unsteady Effects in Ship Hydrodynamics Organized by
Rickard Bensow Chalmers University, Gothenburg (Sweden) and Mattias Liefvendahl
FOI, Stockholm (Sweden)


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