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14/4/16    08:30 - 10:30
SESSION 6b Materials Data Infrastructures and Repositories
Room: Ągora
Chair: Georg J. Schmitz

Concepts, challenges, and results related to the code-independent data formats of the NOMAD Project
P. Pavone and C. Draxl

Computational modelling metadata: strategies for their specification, classification and organization
A. Hashibon, T. F. Hagelien and G.J. Schmitz

NIST interatomic potential repository: tools for improved selection, use, and creation of interatomic potentials
L. Hale, Z. Trautt, C. Becker, F. Tavazza, K. Choudhary and F.Y.P. Congo

Challenge for materials informatics and high throughput experimentation
T. Chikyow, S. Itoh and K. Terakura

Context aware information retrieval from materials publications
S. Shah, D. Vora, B.P. Gautham and S. Reddy

Establishment of descriptors-inventory for data-utilization in Materials Science and Engineering with collective intelligence
T. Kadohira, T. Ashino, H. Ishiki, S. Minamoto, M. Watanabe, J. Inoue, M. Enoki and T. Koseki

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