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Format of the Workshop
Call for Contributions

The workshop will provide lots of space for discussions allowing different communities to interact. Plenary Sessions will outline the basic ideas towards interoperability and highlight industrial needs for interoperability in ICME solutions.

Sessions are foreseen on:

  • Foundational Data Models and Future Metadata Conventions - Organizing and Storing of Data
  • Future Directions for Improved Interoperability in ICME Settings
  • Interoperability Needs and Basic Concepts
  • Interoperability in the Computational Modeling of Multiphysics and Multiscale Problems - Numerical Methods, Discretization Schemes, Solvers
  • Simulation Platforms - Coupling and Linking of Models and Workflows
  • Standardized Digital Microstructure Descriptions in ICME Settings Towards Interoperability between Simulation and Experiment
  • Towards Phase and Interface Property Data Standards, Supporting Interoperability between ICME Software

To discuss "How to perform ICME in practice" and to have more specific examples in the generic frame of the ICME methodology, a number of Sandbox scenarios are foreseen e.g. for additive manufacturing of a Ni-base turbine component, for the manufacture of a stainless steel component, for a cold-rolled Aluminum-part, for a fiber-reinforced plastic part and for an electronics assembly. Details will be communicated along with the second announcement of the workshop and on this website www.icmeg.info.

In contrast to foundational engineering problems and test-case/simulation-benchmarks it is not intended to actually solve the respective problems. Focus of five parallel workshop sessions will be on the identification of tools being needed or being beneficial to tackle the respective challenge and especially on the identification of the required information flow between these different tools and of a suitable metadata structure to describe the information.

Further sessions will be defined on the basis of submitted contributions and might address e.g. hardware environments or future licensing schemes promoting interoperability or ICME tutorials/teaching/education. The workshop will conclude by outlining a pathway towards a common, global, open and standardized format for information exchange in ICME settings.

Contributions, which should particularly emphasize options and needs for interaction with other models at the same scale, across the scales and/or along the production/service life-cycle are sought in any of above areas and especially for the sandbox scenarios.

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