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13/4/16    14:00 - 16:00
SESSION 5a Electronic/Atomistic/Mesoscopic Models
Room: Master
Chair: Pavel Korzhavyi

HDF File-based interoperability for multiscale modelling
F. Sacconi and S. Bellocchio

Atomistic modeling of carbon diffusion in Fe-C martensite
H. Zapolsky, M.  Lavrskyi, A. Khachaturyan, R. Patte, F. Danoix, S.  Cazottes, S.  Curelea, T.  Epicier, M. Goune and P. Maugis

Coupled nonlinear Ginzburg-Landau and mechanics model for martensitic transformations in polycrystals
G. Xu and Y. Cui

Materials science predictive analytics
M. Meunier

Atomistic modelling of thin film growth with realistic input data obtained from reactor-scale process simulation
A. Pflug, T.  Melzig, M. Siemers, K. Schiffmann, M. Vergöhl, G. Bräuer, P. Moskovkin, R. Tonneau, S. Lucas, A. Daniel, C. Archambeau, M. Turowski, M.  Jupé and D. Ristau

First-principles study of two-dimensional transition metal carbides (MXenes)
C. Si, J. Zhou and Z. Sun

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