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13/4/16    11:00 - 13:00
SESSION 4b Thermodynamics
Room: Àgora
Chair: Anders Engström
CoChair: Qing Chen

Extending a chemical XML standard to communicate metal-based systems Data
K. Kroenlein, B. Wilthan and V. Diky

Lattice thermal conductivity: An automatic and high throughput software and beyond.
J. J. Plata and S. Curtarolo

Interfaces - what properties are needed – and how could data be structured?
J. Agren

Thermophysical databases of multi-component Al alloys and their applications to simulation of microstructure evolution
Y. Du, L.J. Zhang, S.H. Liu, D.D.  Huang, F. Zhang, C. Zhang, M.  Wei, J.H. Xin, K.M.  Cheng, J. Wang and K. Li

Thermodynamics and HDF5: towards a metadata keyword scheme for the description of thermodynamic properties
S. Petersen

The Development of Databases for Open Calphad, a free thermodynamic software
K.M.  Cheng, B.  Sundman and Y. Du

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