19h International Conference on Finite Elements in Flow Problems - FEF 2017


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7/4/17    11:20 - 13:40
Recent developments in matrix assembly and iterative solution techniques for finite element and isogeometric analysis II
Invited Session organized by Matthias Möller and Bernd Simeon
Sala: VII
Chair: Matthias Möller

Isogeometric Analysis of the Navier-Stokes-Cahn-Hilliard equations with application to incompressible two-phase flows
B. Sayyid Hosseini, S. Turek and M. Möller

Isogeometric Analysis of the Navier-Stokes equations on Multipatch Geometries
V. Adámek, B. Bastl, M. Brandner, J. Egermaier, H. Horníková, K. Michálková, J. Šourek and E. Turnerová

High-Order Isogeometric Methods for Compressible Flows. Part 1: Theoretical Foundations and Early Applications
A. Jaeschke and M. Möller

Scalable High-Order Finite Element Discretizations and Solvers
J. Cerveny, V. Dobrev, T. Kolev and R. Rieben

Enabling Scalable Multiphysics Simulations through Block Preconditioning
E. Phillips, J.N. Shadid and E. Cyr

Towards scalable and efficient implicit finite element simulations for plasma physics applications on HPC platforms
P. Lin, J.N. Shadid, R Pawlowski, M. Bettencourt and E. Cyr