19h International Conference on Finite Elements in Flow Problems - FEF 2017


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7/4/17    11:20 - 13:40
Climate Modeling with FEM II
Invited Session organized by Irina Tezaur and Mauro Perego
Sala: B
Chair: Irina Tezaur

High order p-adaptive DG methods for climate modelling

L. Bonaventura and G. Tumolo

Challenges in modeling polythermal ice in large-scale ice sheet problems
A. Barone, M. Hoffman, M. Perego, G. Stadler and H. Zhu

Residual-based Artificial Viscosity on Spectral-Element Method
T. J. Oh

Stabilized finite element methods for the prediction of atmospheric flows over complex terrain
M. Avila and H. Owen

Preconditioning elliptic operators in high-performance all-scale atmospheric models on unstructured meshes
M. Gillard, J. Szmelter, P. Smolarkiewicz, W. Deconinck, C. Kuehnlein and N. Wedi