2/7/13    08:30 - 11:50
FD.2: Real Time Avionics and Networks
Room: Novotel Tegernsee
Chair: Andrea Martelli
Rapporteur: to be confirmed
A family of testbenches to support testing of real-time avionics systems
V.V. Balashov, M.V. Chistolinov and R.L. Smeliansky

Design and modeling of a dataflow avionics system
P.B. Panfilov and S.M. Salibekyan

Combining static priority and weighted round-robin like packet scheduling in AFDX for incremental certification and mixed criticality support
M. Boyer, N. Navet, M. Fumey, J. Migge and L. Havet

Certifying Network Calculus in a Proof Assistant
E. Mabille, M. Boyer, L. Fejoz and S. Merz

CAN bus solutions for Data Handling Space Systems
M. Caramia, L. Bolognino and G. Furano

Saving the Software Specification by Transforming the old SA/RT Models into UML (*)
T. Weyrath, H. Schreyer and J. Sellen

DYANA: an integrated development environment for simulation and verification of real-time avionics systems
V.A. Antonenko, E.V. Chemeritsky, A.B. Glonina, I.V. Konnov, V.N. Pashkov, V.V. Podymov, K.O. Savenkov, R.L. Smeliansky, P.M. Vdovin and D.Y. Volkanov

Adaptative Integration systems using FPGA COTS devices
E. Fonseca, A.L.P. Mattei and W.C. Cunha