Congress on Numerical Methods in Engineering - CMN 2017

3-5 July. Valencia, Spain.


Sesiones Propuestas

Listado de sesiones aceptadas

ST01: Active materials: Modeling and applications
R. Palma and G. Rus
ST02: Advances on high performance computing for computational mechanics
D. Herrero and J. Martínez
ST03: Applications of the material point method in engineering
A. Larese and N. Pinyol
ST04: Biomecánica
F. Gabaldón
ST05: Composites modelling: Characterization, behaviour and structures
L. Tavara and V. Mantic
ST06: Constitutive modelling
A. Andrade-Campos, R. Valente, J. Pinho-da-Cruz and J. Dias-de-Oliveira
ST07: Estabilidade, comportamento não-Linear e dimensionamento de estruturas metálicas
D. Camotim, R. Gonçalves and C. Basaglia
ST08: Fractura, fallo y comportamiento no-lineal del material en estructuras de hormigón y materiales cuasi-frágiles
J. Oliver and R. Faria
ST09: Geotechnics and geoengineering
R. Jiménez and J.V. Lemos
ST10: High performance computational mechanics
G. Houzeaux, J.C. Cajas, S. Badia and J. Príncipe
ST11: Image processing and visualization
J.M.R.S. Tavares, and X. Roca
ST12: Innovative methods for fluid-structure interaction problems
A. Franci, J.M. Carbonell, and P.A. Becker
ST13: MEMS and their applications
C.F. Flores-Rivera
ST14: Meshless and particle methods
J. Belinha and C. Roque
ST15: Metal forming processes – Formability characterization, damage and ductile fracture
L. Galdos, A. Santos, J. Mendiguren, J. Cesar de Sa, E. Saenz de Argandoña and P. Martins
ST16: Métodos computacionales en acústica y vibraciones
J. Ramis, J.  Carbajo, L. Godinho, F.D. Denia
ST17: Model order reduction techniques
F. Chinesta, E. Cueto, D. González, A. Huerta, and D. González
ST18: Modelación constitutiva de materiales ingenieriles sometidos a altas temperaturas
R.H. Lorefice, M. Rizo Patrón and G.A. Pérez
ST19: Modelagem numérica de problemas geotécnicos
A.C Sieira and A.P. Lima
ST20: Nonlinear vibrations and their applications in engineerings
M.V Marcus Varanis and C.O Clivaldo de Oliveira
ST21: Numerical methods for building energy simulations
J.M. Blanco, N. Simoes
ST22: Numerical modeling of problems on offshore environment
A. Santiago
ST23: Numerical models for heat and mass transfer
J.M. Blanco, and N. Simoes
ST24: Numerical models for offshore engineering
J.M. Blanco, U. Fernández, G. Ducrozet, L. Gentaz
ST25: Optimization, metaheuristics and evolutionary algorithms in civil engineering
J. Magalhães-Mendes, D. Greiner, D. Ribeiro
ST26: Parallel algorithms and techniques for the solution of large-scale coupled problems
P. Amado-Mendes, P. Vieira Alberto, J. Cajas, G. Houzeaux
ST27: Particle-based methods in computational mechanics
S. Idelsohn, E. Oñate
ST28: Physics and mechanics at nanoscale
M.P. Ariza, N. Silvestre
ST29: Quality assessment and mesh adaptivity in computational mechanics
P. Díez, J.J. Ródenas, J.P. Moitinho de Almeida, N.  Parés, and E. Nadal
ST30: Recent developments in structural optimization
J.F.A. Madeira, and H.C. Rodrigues
ST31: Recent results on hybrid discontinuous Galerkin methods
S. Gomes, C. Faria, S. Malta, and A. Loula
ST32: Renewable Energy
J.O. Castro Silva, L.P. Gonçalves, and C.B. Maia
ST33: Robust and reliability-based design optimization under uncertainty
J. Martínez Frutos, and D. Francisco Periago
ST34: Short and long term behaviour of railway transition zones
C. Alves Ribeiro
ST35: Simulación numérica en la explotación de recursos energéticos
G. Montero, J.M. Escobar and J. Sarrate
ST36: Soft computing for smarter operation management in water distribution systems
J. Izquierdo, M. Herrera, I. Montalvo, and D. Ayala-Cabrera
ST37: Steel and composite structures
N. Lopes,and M. Romero
ST38: Verification and validation of structural and fluid mechanics models
F.S. Pereira, L. Eça, and G. Vaz
ST39: Vibration problems in structures
J.F. Jiménez-Alonso, and E. Caetano
ST: Póster