How can a potential organizer bid to organize a conference?

Potential organizers can count on CIMNE Congress Bureau (CCB) support to make an expression of interest and/or to make a bid to organize a national or international conference.


Does the event need to take place in Spain?

No, CCB has a solid background organizing events in many cities around the world.


Can CCB services be contracted only partly?

Yes, the different aspects of the event organization do not need to necessarily be managed by CCB solely (administrative secretariat, scientific secretariat, social program secretariat, exhibition management, etc.). If so, the liaison between the different parties shall be appointed.


Financial management: what is the VAT policy to be applied?

Conference/course/workshop registration fees collected by CIMNE are VAT free, according to the Spanish VAT law 37/1992, art. 20.Uno.9ยบ.

Costs will be increased by the VAT in accordance with applicable law.

Any other service is subject to the VAT in accordance with applicable law.


Does VAT apply to CCB services?

VAT does not apply if incomes are collected by CCB.


Does the administrative service fee include on-site registrations?

Yes, what it does not include is travel and accommodation expenses and any service provided by external suppliers.


Who will edit the conference proceedings?

CIMNE Publications Office (CPO) regularly publishes books (digital or paper formats) and conference proceedings. We offer the organizers the edition of the conference proceedings as an additional, optional service.


Are these proceedings cited?

Yes, CPO issues the ISBN and takes care of the legal deposits to be made and papers included in these proceedings can be referred.


Can these proceedings be published in digital or paper support?

Yes, if the book resulting from the collection of papers is published in one or more formats (paper or digital formats), each of those formats must have its own ISBN.


Will the proceedings be index-linked?

Conference proceedings edited by CPO fulfil the requirements to be submitted for evaluation to the conference proceedings citation indexes. Usually these proceedings are not accepted in advance but so far none of our proceedings was rejected.


Who holds the papers copyright?

It depends on who the editor of the proceedings is and the policy of the conference organizers. Copyright of papers in proceedings edited by CPO are usually not retained by CIMNE, but hold by the authors. 

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