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Poster Session

The poster session will be organized by the following committee:

  • David Greiner, ULPGC, Spain

  • Jacques Periaux, ECCOMAS IIG and CIMNE, Spain

  • Jordi Pons-Prats, CIMNE/UPC, Spain

  • Tero Tuovinen, ECCOMAS IIG and JAMK, Finland

CM3 Workshop 2021 Poster elements:

  1. Poster session (installed on the web site)

    The CM3 Workshop 2021 will host a poster session including a contest for the best poster. The best poster award will be announced during the CM3 Workshop conference 2021 dinner.

    Young scientists and engineers are encouraged to participate to the CM3 Workshop 2021 with presentation of posters.

    At least one author of a multi-authors poster has to be registered and must attend the Workshop for presenting the poster if the abstract submission is approved.

    The poster should be on a research topic in the fields of CM3 Workshop (cf. Topics and Applications areas). Posters should be size A0, and must be physically brought to the CM3 Workshop venue by one of the registered authors.

    The posters will be also orally presented in a special session, providing a high visibility among the participants to the CM3 Workshop event and providing interactions between poster presenters and audience. Complementary to this official session, posters will be exposed to facilitate communication among researchers.

    A one page abstract of the poster with ccs to Tero Tuovinen (Tero.Tuovinen@jamk.fi) and David Greiner (david.greiner@ulpgc.es) must be sent through the "Webpage" of CM3 before September 20, 2021 to be reviewed by the Scientific Committee

    The abstract shall include the title and authors, and a short description of the work to be presented in the poster. The authors of those posters accepted by the scientific committee, should bring a printed copy of the poster.

    Please, send your abstract in a Pdf file following the guidelines in the linked LaTeX template or Word Template; LateX templates will be sent with attached .zip files. Pdf files resulting after compilation of those templates will be also attached.

    An acceptance or rejection decision will be communicated to the authors by September 24, 2021.

  2. Poster session (Guidelines and proposed format to be sent later)

    The poster board area will be communicated soon, and it should follow the proposed format, having a label for the top of the poster space indicating the title and authors, and the number of the poster that the organization will provide.

    Once the poster has been accepted for presentation during the CM3 Workshop the authors must update the abstract file in the "Webpage" with a new PDF file including both, abstract and the Poster LaTeX template or Word Template, before the deadline of October 15, 2021 to participate in the Poster contest.

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