S18 - Vulnerability and risk analysis (2)

Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of a Historic Brick Masonry Building by Fragility Functions

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Typological Classification and Observed Damage Patterns of Masonry Churches After the 2016 Central Italy Earthquake

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A QGIS Plugin for the Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Urban Centers: Application to the City of Popoli in Abruzzo (Italy)

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Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Representative Building Typologies from Barcelona‘s Eixample District

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Simplified Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Medieval Masonry Churches

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Kinematic Approach for Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Masonry Churches

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Assessment of Seismic Fragility of Historical Buildings at the Urban Scale by Typological-Mechanical Approaches: the Case Study of Foggia

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A Comparison Between Empirical Procedures for the Definition of Vulnerability Classes of Masonry Buildings: Application to Five Historical Centres Struck by 2016 Central Italy Earthquake

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Risk Assessment Methodologies to Safeguard Historic Urban Areas from the Effects of Climate Change

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Decision Support System for Vulnerability Assessment of Masonry Churches Including Architectural and Artistic Assets

V. Sangiorgio, G. Uva and J.M. Adam