19h International Conference on Finite Elements in Flow Problems - FEF 2017


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5/4/17    16:10 - 18:30
Immersed Finite Elements in Fluid Flow II
Invited Session organized by Ming-Chen Hsu, Clemens Verhoosel and Dominik Schillinger
Sala: B
Chair: Clemens Verhoosel

High-order discretizations of flow past moving obstacles using universal meshes

E. Gawlik and A. Lew

Immersogeometric Analysis using B-Rep Models
M.-C. Hsu, F. Xu, C. Wang and A. Krishnamurthy

Immersogeometric Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis of Patient-Specific Aortic Valve Designs
S. Morganti, A. Reali, F. Auricchio, F. Xu and M.-C. Hsu

Residual-based variational multiscale modelling of turbulence in an embedded domain DG framework.
S.K.F. Stoter, S.J. Hulshoff, S.R. Turteltaub and D. Schillinger

Challenges of extending a Discontinuous Galerkin cut cell immersed boundary method to three dimensions
D. Krause, F. Kummer and M. Oberlack

Isogeometric Modeling of Red Blood Cells and their Coupling with Plasma through Immersed Methods
A. Bartezzaghi, L. Dedè and A. Quarteroni