19h International Conference on Finite Elements in Flow Problems - FEF 2017


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5/4/17    16:10 - 18:30
Environmental Fluid Mechanics III
Invited Session organized by Kazuo Kashiyama and Ethan Kubatko
Sala: Aula Magna
Chair: Kenjiro Terada

The transport and fate of riverine fine sediment exported to a semi-open system
V. Legat, P. Delandmeter, J. Lambrechts, J.F. Remacle and E. Deleersnijder

Orthogonal Basis Bubble Function Finite Element Method for Shallow Water Equations and Boussinesq Equations
J. Matsumoto

Formulation and Implementation of the 3D Shallow Water Adaptive Hydraulics (AdH) Software
C. Trahan

qADMESH+: An automatic quadrangular and mixed-element mesh generator
D. Mattioli, E. J. Kubatko and A. Zundel

Experience-Based Noise Evaluation System Using VR Technology
K Kashiyama, T Yoshimachi, K Nakamura and M Tanigawa