19h International Conference on Finite Elements in Flow Problems - FEF 2017


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6/4/17    14:00 - 16:20
Virtual Element Methods III
Invited Session organized by Donatella Marini, Franco Brezzi, Lourenco Beirao da Veiga and Alessandro Russo
Sala: Odeion
Chair: Alessandro Russo

Virtual Element Methods for subsurface flow and transport simulations in fractured media

S. Berrone, A. Borio, S. Pieraccini and S. Scialo’

Multigrid algorithms for ρ-version Virtual Element methods
P.F Antonietti, L. Mascotto and M. Verani

FETI-DP and BDDC Preconditioners for the Virtual Element Method in two and three dimension
S. Bertoluzza and M. Pennacchio

Three Dimensional Numerical Simulations with VEM
L. Beirao da Veiga, F. Dassi and A. Russo

A simple and efficient virtual element formulation for finite deformation
P. Wriggers, D. Reddy, W. Rust and B. Hudobivnik