19h International Conference on Finite Elements in Flow Problems - FEF 2017


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6/4/17    14:00 - 16:20
Flows With Moving Boundaries and Interfaces (MBI) I
Invited Session organized by Yuri Bazilevs, Kenji Takizawa and Tayfun Tezduyar
Sala: Picone
Chair: Yuri Bazilevs

Computational Analysis of Curved-Surface Erosion From Particle-Laden Compressible-Flow Jets

F. Rispoli, D. Borello, A. Castorrini, A. Salvagni, P. Venturini, K. Takizawa and T. E. Tezduyar

Flow Analysis of a Wave-Energy Air Turbine with the SUPG/PSPG Stabilization and Discontinuity-Capturing Directional Dissipation

A. Corsini, L. Cardillo, G. Delibra, F. Rispoli and T. Tezduyar

Numerical simulation with adaptive boundary method for time evolution of erosion on a target body
A. Castorrini, A. Corsini, F. Rispoli, P. Venturini, T.E. Tezduyar and K Takizawa

Numerical Study on Passive Morphing Control Adapted to a Large Axial Fan
A. Castorrini, A. Corsini, F. Rispoli, K. Takizawa and T. Tezduyar

Large time-step and coarse-mesh strategies suitable for problems with moving boundaries and interfaces

S. Idelsohn, N. Nigro, P. Becker, J. Marti and J. Giménez