19h International Conference on Finite Elements in Flow Problems - FEF 2017


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7/4/17    11:20 - 13:40
Fluid-Solid Interaction for Blood Flows
Invited Session organized by Annalisa Quaini and Martina Bukac
Sala: Lucchesi
Chair: Annalisa Quaini

Slip/transpiration boundary conditions for reducing the effect of uncertainties in the segmented blood vessel wall
D. Nolte, C. Bertoglio and A. Osses

Fluid-structure interaction models in blood microcirculatory districts
P. Causin, G. Formato, F. Malgaroli and C. Tocalli

Multi-physics simulations of the human eye
M. Aletti, J.-F. Gerbeau and D. Lombardi

Active structures in a viscous fluid
A. Decoene, S. Martin, B. Maury and F. Vergnet

A monolithic and a partitioned approach to to fluid-composite structure interaction
D. Forti, M. Bukac, A. Quaini, S. Canic and S. Deparis

An interface-fitted finite element approach for fluid-structure interaction problems with large displacements
S. Basting, A. Quaini, S. Canic and R. Glowinski