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Invited Sessions

Keynote lectures will be complemented by invited sessions organized by recognised experts in targeted research areas.

The talks scheduled are invited by the organizers. If you are interested in contributing to any of the special sessions, you can contact them.

A preliminary list of the Invited Sessions planned follows.

Analysis, Optimization and Process Design of Sheet Metal Forming Parts
Jean-Louis Batoz and Hakim Naceur ;

Computational Aspects of Gradient and Related Theories of Plasticity
Daya Reddy and Krishna Garikipati ; 

Computational Contact and Interface Mechanics
Tod A. Laursen 

Computational Limit and Shakedown Analysis
Scott Sloan and Kristian Krabbenhoft ;

Computational Methods in Biomechanics and Mechanobiology
Gerhard Holzapfel

Computational Modelling of Forming Processes
Carlos Agelet de Saracibar and Jean-Philippe Ponthot ; 

Computational Modelling of Geotechnical Problems
Jose Marques

Cutting & Forming
Miguel Vaz

Discontinuous Element Representations
René de Borst 

Heterogeneities in Plasticity and Damage
Adnan Ibrahimbegovic and Hermann Matthies ;

Industrial Perspective of Numerical Forming Processes
Masayoshi Akiyama

Multiscale Computational Strategies for Damage Propagation and Evolving Discontinuities 
Olivier Allix and Ekkehard Ramm  ;

Multiscale Constitutive Modelling: Theory and Applications
Eduardo de Souza Neto

Multiscale Modelling of Building Materials
Herbert Mang and J. Eberhardsteiner ;

Numerical Modelling of Concrete Structures
Pavao Marovic

Prediction of Failure, Damage and Formability
José César de Sá

Structural Masonry: Numerical Methods and Applications
Pere Roca


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