14:30 - 16:30

Technical sessions
IS - Graphic Statics / Reciprocal Diagrams (IASS WG 15) I

Invited Session organized by Corentin Fivet and Masoud Akbarzadeh


Room: Diamant

Chair: Corentin Fivet

Co-Chair: Masoud Akbarzadeh

Application of Graphic Statics and Theory of Plasticity to the design of strut-and-tie models in reinforced concrete

M. Konstantatou, P. D‘Acunto, A. McRobie and J. Schwartz


Graphic statics in a continuum field and its application for strut-and-tie modeling

S. Mozaffari, M. Akbarzadeh and T. Vogel


Form-finding method of cable-net structures using Grassmann algebra and mass-points.

M. Banicek, K. Fresl, M. Uros and T. Kostric


From Polyhedral to Minimal Surface Funicular Spatial Structures

Mostafa Akbari, Mohammad Bolhassani and Masoud Akbarzadeh


Geometric approach to form finding of a spoke wheel system: Mathematical explanations

H. Tamai


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