14:30 - 16:30

Technical sessions
CS - Advanced Manufacturing - Robotics


Room: Rossini 2

Chair: Bruno Figueiredo

Co-Chair: Paulo Cruz

Graded Textile Shaping: Manufacture of Curved Cladding Panels using Multi-material Knitted Preforms

Ying Yi Tan and Yu Han Quek


Structural optimization of coreless filament wound components connection system through orientation of anchor points in the winding frames

M. Gil Perez, N. Dambrosio, B. Rongen, A. Menges and J. Knippers


Multi-stage filament winding: Integrative design and manufacturing process for doubly curved fibre-reinforced polymer components

Nikolas Früh and Jan Knippers


Tailored flexibility: A formwork and reinforcement system for bespoke concrete form.

Jon Engholt and Dave Pigram


Adaptable Meshes: A Dynamic Approach to the Construction of Membranes

J. Costa, F. Kraemer, C. Bader, J. Disset and N. Oxman


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