19h International Conference on Finite Elements in Flow Problems - FEF 2017


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Invited Symposia

Invited Symposia

The FEF 2017 conference is comprised of Semi-Plenary lectures and Invited Symposia organized by recognized experts in in the main topics of the conference. In addition, FEF 2017 will admit a limited number of contributed mini-symposia and talks.

The list of confirmed Invited Symposia follows:

Advances in CFD (MS submission code 24)
Organized by M.-J. Chern and C.-A. Lin

Biomedical Fluid Mechanics and Fluid-Structure Interaction (BFMFSI)
Organized by K. Takizawa, Y. Bazilevs and T. E. Tezduyar

CFD for Naval Engineering (MS submission code 13)
Organized by A. Mola and N. Giuliani

Climate Modeling with FEM (MS submission code 4)
Organized by I.Tezaur, M. Perego and M. Taylor

Complex Fluid Flows in Engineering: Modeling, Simulation and Optimization
Organized by S. Elgeti, M. Behr and P. Anderson

Constrained finite element schemes for transport equations (MS submission code 27)
Organized by D. Kuzmin and S. Mabuza

Environmental Fluid Mechanics (MS submission code 5)
Organized by K. Kashiyama and E. Kubatko

Flows with Moving Boundaries and Interfaces (MBI)
Organized by Y. Bazilevs, K. Takizawa and T. E. Tezduyar

Fluid-Solid Interaction for Blood Flows (MS submission code 14)
Organized by A. Quaini and M. Bukac

Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI)
Organized by T. E. Tezduyar, K. Takizawa and Y. Bazilevs

Geometry Modeling, Mesh Generation and Adaptation (MS submission code 23)
Organized by J. Zhang, H. Speleers, S. Shontz and S. Perotto

High Performance Computing in Aerospace Applications (MS submission code 16)
Organized by M. Fossati

Higher-order and DG methods (MS submission code 15)
Organized by E.H. van Brummelen and A. Huerta

Immersed Finite Elements in Fluid Flow (MS submission code 19)
Organized by M.-C. Hsu, C. Verhoosel and D. Schillinger

Iterative Methods and Parallel Computing (MS submission code 18)
Organized by S. Yoshimura and T. Yamada

Phase-Field Modeling in Fluids and Fluid-Solid Systems (MS submission code 17)
Organized by H. Gomez and K. van Der Zee

CECAM MS: Recent advances in numerical methods for micro and macro models in fluid-dynamics
Organized by M. Falcone, S. Perotto, G. Rozza and G.Ciccotti

Recent developments in matrix assembly and iterative solution techniques for finite element and isogeometric analysis (MS submission code 25)
Organized by M. Moeller and B. Simeon

Recent Developments in Computational Methods for Flow in Porous Media
Organized by M.G Edwards, R. Helmig and S. Matthai

Reduced Order Modeling for flows (MS submission code 8)
Organized by G. Rozza, T. Iliescu and L. Teresi

Stabilized, Multiscale, and Isogeometric Methods in CFD (MS submission code 21)
Organized by J.A. Evans, T.J.R. Hughes, A. Korobenko and M.-C. Hsu

Virtual Element Methods (MS submission code 11)
Organized by D. Marini, F. Brezzi, L. Beirao da Veiga and A. Russo