How We Work

How it works

It consists of two separated parts: an administrative management tool oriented to the conference secretariat and organizers, and a main webpage made of different modules (registered people area, virtual congress, abstract review, etc.) that allows conference users (authors, participants, reviewers, organizers) to check online all the information needed in every step of the conference process and enables them complete all the steps needed for attending the conference (registration, sending of communications, payments, etc.).

The two parts of the application communicate each other through a common platform (a data repository and a set of interfaces with different functions) named Web Sites Administration Platform.

Registered People Area

This is the most important area for the participants at the conference. In this area the participant can perform the main steps needed for attending the conference. He/she can communicate directly with the conference secretariat and pay the conference fees for registration and other optional products (outings, dinner, etc.). The payments can be done online with a credit card or by sending the printed registration form by fax or e-mail with credit card or bank transfer information. This area is also used for communication between the secretariat and the participants through a news section.

Abstracts Review

This tool allows the organizers of the conference and especially the Program Committee members to review and evaluate online the abstracts submitted for the presentation at the conference in order to accept or reject the submitted contributions. The Abstract Review tool furthermore permits for partial acceptance of abstracts by remarking the aspects of the abstract to be improved, which automatically appear in the personal area of the corresponding author.

Conference Management Software

The combined expertise of our system managers and our experience in the organization of conferences resulted in the creation of an advanced computing tool especially designed for conference management.

This tool can easily be customized and adapted to the needs of each event.

Registrations, submission of contributions, review by the scientific committee, as well as the payment of fees and hotel reservations, are made on-line.

The main objective of our system is the congress management automation by means of the creation of a Web-based information system. This allows for all the main organizational features of any conference to be performed in a decentralized, integrated and easy way.

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