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Invited Sessions

Plenary Lectures will be complemented by Invited Sessions organized by recognised experts in targeted research areas.

The talks scheduled are generally invited by the organizers. Authors interested to contribute to a particular Invited Session are kindly requested to contact the session organizer(s) directly.

Persons willing to organize an Invited Session on a specific topic are kindly requested to send their proposal to the conference secretariat.

The list of confirmed Invited Sessions follows:

Applications of Particle-based Methods in Geo-mechanical and Mining Problems
Geir Horrigmoe and Kent Tano
hrrgm@online.no ; kent.tano@lkab.com

Discrete Modelling in Cell and Tissue Mechanobiology
José Manuel García Aznar and Roger Kamm
jmgaraz@unizar.es ; rdkamm@MIT.EDU

Discrete Modelling of Failure in Geomaterials Gaël Combe and Ali Daouadji gael.combe@ujf-grenoble.fr ; ali.daouadji@univ-metz.fr Fragmentation of Solids using DEM Ekkehard Ramm, Manfred Bischoff and Gianluca Cusatis ramm@ibb.uni-stuttgart.de ; bischoff@ibb.uni-stuttgart.de ; cusatg@rpi.edu Particle Methods for Micro/Nano Flow-Problems Marco Ellero, Xiangyu Hu and Nikolaus A. Adams marco.ellero@aer.mw.tum.de ; xiangyu.hu@tum.de ; Nikolaus.Adams@tum.de Use of Particle Based Methods in Naval Hydrodynamics Leigh McCue-Weil mccue@vt.edu

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