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Invited Minisymposia

Advances in Cohesive-element Modeling of Material Failure
Jean-Francois Molinari, Raul Radovitzky and Marion Chambart
jean-francois.molinari@epfl.ch  ; rapa@MIT.EDU ; marion.chambart@epfl.ch 

Advances in the eXtended Finite Element Method for the 
Simulation of Fracture Processes
Peter Wriggers and Stefan Löhnert
wriggers@ikm.uni-hannover.de ; loehnert@ikm.uni-hannover.de 

Computational Failure Mechanics in Multiphysics Problems
Paul Steinmann and Julia Mergheim
steinmann@ltm.uni-erlangen.de ; julia.mergheim@ltm.uni-erlangen.de

Ductile Fracture
Session I: Modeling of Mechanisms from the Atomic-scale to the Macro-scale
Session II: Evolution of Damage and the Transition to Fracture
Pierre-Olivier Bouchard, José César de Sá, Alan Needleman and Thomas Pardoen
pierre-olivier.bouchard@mines-paristech.fr ; cesarsa@fe.up.pt ; needle@unt.edu ; 

Dynamic Fracture
Session I: Discretization Techniques, Multi-scale Models and Adaptive Analysis Methods
Session II: Fracture Criteria and Damage Models --- Nucleation, Extension and Branching
Session III: Applications to Materials Failure and Engineering Design - Fragmentation, 
Micro-cracking, Engineering Applications
Alain Combescure, Francisco Armero and Robert Haber 
alain.combescure@insa-lyon.fr ; armero@ce.berkeley.edu ; r-haber@illinois.edu

Enriched Finite Element Formulations to Capture Cracks, Material Interfaces and 
Multiscale Phenomena
Jorge Alfaiate and Bert Sluys alfaiate@civil.ist.utl.pt ; L.J.Sluys@citg.tudelft.nl Fracture and Shrinkage Induced Cracking in Multiphase Materials
Session I:
Fracture Modeling in the Context of Multiphase Materials at Different Scales
Session II:
Shrinkage Induced Cracking of Concrete Günter Hofstetter, Tony Jefferson, Günther Meschke and Bernhard Schrefler guenter.hofstetter@uibk.ac.at ; JeffersonAD@cf.ac.uk ; guenther.meschke@rub.de ; bas@dic.unipd.it High Temperature Mismatch and Chemically Induced Cracking and Damage in
Heterogeneous Particulate Composites
Kaspar Willam, Ignacio Carol and Erik Schlangen willam@colorado.edu ; ignacio.carol@upc.edu ; H.E.J.G.Schlangen@tudelft.nl Meshfree and Particle Methods for Material Failure Ted Belytschko and Timon Rabczuk tedbelytschko@northwestern.edu ; timon.rabczuk@uni-weimar.de Modeling Fracture of Concrete at High Loading Rates Joško Ožbolt ozbolt@iwb.uni-stuttgart.de Multiscale Modeling and Simulation of Failure Processes Jacob Fish, Marc Geers and Ron Peerlings jfishj@rpi.edu ; M.G.D.Geers@tue.nl ; R.H.J.Peerlings@tue.nl Multiscale Modeling of Composites Javier Llorca, Carlos D. González and Olivier Allix javier.llorca@imdea.org ; carlosdaniel.gonzalez@imdea.org ; allix@lmt.ens-cachan.fr Novel Discretization Concepts in Fracture and Failure René de Borst R.d.Borst@tue.nl Numerical Modeling of Material Failure in Plain and Reinforced Concrete Alfredo Huespe and Xavier Oliver ahuespe@intec.unl.edu.ar ; xavier.oliver@upc.edu Present and Future of Crack Tracking Algorithms Anna Pandolfi and Michael Ortiz pandolfi@stru.polimi.it ; ortiz@aero.caltech.edu Regularized Failure Models Harm Askes, Antonio Rodriguez-Ferran, Milan Jirasek and Nicolas Moës H.Askes@sheffield.ac.uk ; antonio.rodriguez-ferran@upc.edu ; Milan.Jirasek@fsv.cvut.cz ; nicolas.moes@ec-nantes.fr Stochastic Models of Material Failure Miguel Ángel Gutierrez and Lori Graham-Brady m.a.gutierrez@tudelft.nl

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