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PRO_SAM is a plugin which connects PRO_SAP with SAM II solver, a powerful tool for pushover analysis of new and existing structures. SOLVER RELIABILITY SAM II, conceived by Prof. Magenes, Eng. Manzini and Eng. Morandi, is a well-known and robust non-linear solver highly referenced in international literature. CODES OF PRACTICE Eurocode 8, Italian codes. MATERIALS Unreinforced and reinforced masonry, reinforced concrete and generic linear materials. LOCAL FAILURE MECHANISMS Automatic geometry interfacing with PRO_CineM for kinematic linear and non-linear analyses. LINEAR ANALYSIS Automatic generation of plate and shell linear model from the equivalent frame. FREE PRO_SAM is free for students, scholars or scientific research.
Asdea Software S.r.l. is part of the burgeoning ASDEA brand, which includes ASDEA S.r.l. and ASDEA Hardware. We are a software development company staffed with engineers, researchers, and software developers. Our goal is to provide innovative software solutions customized for clients and of original in-house design for numerical simulation and data visualization. We are the company behind the revolutionary software STKO (Scientific ToolKit for OpenSees). More than just a simple GUI, STKO features a Python scripting interface, meaning that users can customize and program the already powerful pre and postprocessors as needed, harnessing the full power of OpenSees.
CALSENS develops state-of-the-art fiber-optic sensors and designs, deploys and operates structural health monitoring (SHM) solutions to monitor bridges, buildings and vehicles (ships, airplanes, UAV), among other structures. Our services are based on constant research and innovation, creating products and services at the frontier of knowledge. CALSENS services cover the full process of monitoring. Starting from the modelling of structural behavior and choice of control parameters, continuing with the election, design, fabrication and installation of the sensors and sensing system, until the processing, interpretation and evaluation of the data. CALSENS has a multidisciplinary team with a high degree of expertise in the fields of civil engineering, photonic technologies, signal processing, materials engineering or computing.
Kerakoll is the international leader in the GreenBuilding sector, providing solutions that safeguard the health of both the environment and the people. The company mission is embrace and promote GreenBuilding as the new low environmental impact approach to building and promote higher quality homes around the world through the use of eco-friendly building materials and innovative solutions. Since 1968 – when the Group was founded in Sassuolo– Kerakoll has been pursuing a clear course of development in Italian and international markets for building materials, that has taken the company to the forefront of the GreenBuilding industry and to a level of technological supremacy famous around the globe.
S.T.A. DATA,founded in 1982 by Adriano Castagnone, civil and structural engineer since 1978, and pioneer of scientific software for structural engineering, is composed of more than 20 people, all highly qualified professionals. Our aim is to offer software for structural calculation that alallow designers to face everyday work with simplicity and effectiveness. S.T.A. DATA offers 3Muri Project, developed specifically for masonry. In fact, it is not a generic Finite Element software adapted for masonry structures; 3Muri Project was born from the specific research for these structures and captures all the characteristics to obtain a safe and reliable calculation of historical, exhisting and new buildings.
IRS is a smart Engineering, Research and Development company founded by a group of engineers in 1993. IRS Structural Health Monitoring division designs, develops and integrates automated systems for mechanical and structural monitoring. Thanks to technological innovation, advanced modeling and design as well as professional production and after sales service provide a complete suite of structural health monitoring solutions. Monitoring version are both portable version for laboratory tests and one shot structural assessments and long term and in situ applications like historical sites, buildings, bridges, dams and tunnels. IRS is part of a group of companies including Measureit, with whom provides consultancy and sales of precision sensor and data acquisition systems. Websites: IRS Structural Health Monitoring and Measureit Systems