09:00 - 11:00

Technical sessions
IS - Constructive Geometry for Structural Design (IASS WG 15)

Invited Session organized by Olivier Baverel and Romain Mesnil


Room: Cristal

Chair: Olivier Baverel

Co-Chair: Romain Mesnil

Structural efficiency of segmental shells, depending on segment geometries and connection properties

Cristoph Dijoux, Felix Schmidt-Kleespies and Alexander Stahr


A digital design process for shell structures

M. Contestabile and O. Iuorio


STEREODOME I: design, production and installation of a Styrofoam masonry vault

R. M. Avelino, P. H.P. Torres, A. v.L. Carvalho, B. Montelato, B. Teixeira, B. T. Vasconcelos, M. Oliveri, M. S. O. Soto and R. M.O. Pauletti


Design and optimization of grid shell structured using Christoffel duality

Z. Tošic, S. Krasic and D. Kostic


Computational morphogenesis and digital simulation of the construction process of masonry domes built without centrings

L. Esposito, G. Boccia, A. Luporino and S. Pone


Study Case: Design & Construction Of A Spherical Actively-Bent Chebychev Net Triangular Gridshell Covered By A Stretchable Membrane

Alan Rynne, Noelia Rodriguez, Jatziri Rodriguez, Martina Fabré, Martí Sais, Christian Dimitri, Gerard Bertomeu, Pep Tornabell and Enrique Soriano


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