09:00 - 11:00

Technical sessions
IS - Embracing Inter-/crossdisciplinarity Through New Roles, Methods and Tools for Design and Fabrication of Spatial Structures (IASS WG 20) I

Invited Session organized by Olga Popovic Larsen and S Alireza Behnejad


Room: Rossini 2

Chair: Olga Popovic Larsen

Co-Chair: S Alireza Behnejad

WG 20 - teaching collaborations past, present and future I

O. Popovic Larsen and S . A. Behnejad

An academic experiment on the design of spatial truss models and teamwork

L. Meneghetti, R. Pauletti and L. Bitencourt Jr


The Working Model: A cross-disciplinary collaborative tool

V Petrova and O Popovic Larsen


The (changed) roles of physical models in building design practice and education

O. Popovic Larsen


Reinventing the truss: A collaborative pedestrian bridge design project

C. Herr, W. Hou, S. Li, H. Zhang and D. Lombardi


Interlocking spaces: A structural prototype inspired by Kigumi Architecture

Lukas Allner, Philipp Reinsberg and Jun Sato


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