14:30 - 16:30

Technical sessions
IS - Embracing Inter-/crossdisciplinarity Through New Roles, Methods and Tools for Design and Fabrication of Spatial Structures (IASS WG 20) II

Invited Session organized by Olga Popovic Larsen and S Alireza Behnejad


Room: Rossini 2

Chair: S Alireza Behnejad

Co-Chair: Olga Popovic Larsen

WG 20 - teaching collaborations past, present and future II

O. Popovic Larsen and S . A. Behnejad

Towards the classroom of the future: new ideas and proposals

I. Paya-Zaforteza, N. Matarredona-Desantes, T. Pellicer-Armiñana and P. Fuentes-Durá


Benefits of international collaborations on the educational scheme entited ‘Design, Assemble and Dismantle (DAD) Project’

S. A. Behnejad and R. Saleem


Transdisciplinary knowledge sharing platform for biologically augmented materials for the building industry

Elise Elsacker, Winnie Poncelet, Eveline Peeters and Lars De Laet


Weaving the Mashrabiya Pavilion’: A mashrabiya-inspired rope-made pavilion design based on barycentric subdivision rule

Iasef Md Rian, Humam Alsebai and Salem Abdalla


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