09:00 - 11:00

Technical sessions
IS - Form and Force in Bio-based Structures and Architecture (IASS WG 12)

Invited Session organized by Andreas Falk


Room: Diamant

Chair: Andreas Falk

Finnish Fins: a novel approach to short-span bridges by the use of stiffening fins

J. M.  Garcia-Guerrero, G. Fink and G. H.  Filz


Sustainable design concepts for short span, timber-only structures

G. Fink, G. Ruan and G.H. Filz


Structural Design Approach and Novel Applications for Folded Shell Structures made of Single-curved CLT - Tower Urbach, Remstal Gartenschau 2019

S. Bechert, L. Aldinger, J. Knippers, D. Wood and A. Menges


Space truss built with wastes from the sawmill industry

O Baverel, T Le Borgne, F Zaninetti and G Hivin


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