09:00 - 11:00

Technical sessions
IS - Additive Manufacturing of Architectural Components

Invited Session organized by Paulo Cruz and Bruno Figueiredo


Room: Rossini 2

Chair: Paulo Cruz

Co-Chair: Bruno Figueiredo

Additive Formwork for Concrete Shell Constructions

Roberto Naboni and Luca Breseghello


Terramia: Drone-Aided Construction for a Sustainable Biobased Housing Prototype

S Chaltiel, D Veenendaal and F Verzura


Challenges of 3d printed architectural ceramic components structures: controlling the shrinkage and preventing the cracking

B Figueiredo, P J S Cruz, J Carvalho and J Moreira


Zero-Waste Sand Formwork for Complex Spatial Concrete Structures

Daria Kovaleva, Oliver Gericke and Werner Sobek


From rapid prototyping to real building: methodologies for upscaling additive manufacturing prototypes to functional architectural components

P. Cruz, B. Figueiredo, J. Carvalho and J. Ribeiro


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