17:00 - 19:00

Technical sessions
IS - Stability and Dynamics of Metal Gridshell Structures (IASS WG 8) II

Invited Session organized by Toru Takeuchi, Charis Gantes, Shiro Kato, Christian Stutzki and Suduo Xue


Room: Coral

Chair: Shiro Kato

Co-Chair: Suduo Xue

Damage evaluation index of long-span spatial grid structure

Xiaohui Zhang, Jianguo Cai and Jian Feng


A Showroom with a Mesh Structure in Roppongi, Tokyo: Design and Construction

Y. Saito, R. Watada, T. Oshima, T. Kinoshita and I. Hanaoka


A showroom with a mesh structure in roppongi, tokyo: topology design of bracing.

R. Watada, Y. Saito, T. Kinoshita and T. Oshima


Comparison of Static Stability and Seismic Behavior between Steel and Aluminum Alloy Single-Layer Spherical Reticulated Shells

J. Wu, G. Sun, Z. Song, Z. Miao, S. Kato, Z. Li and Y. Zhang


Calculation and Classification Method of Member Importance of Spatial Latticed Structure in Service

YS. Li, YF. Luo and Q. Nie


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