14:30 - 16:30

Technical sessions
IS - Stability and Dynamics of Metal Gridshell Structures (IASS WG 8) I

Invited Session organized by Toru Takeuchi, Charis Gantes, Shiro Kato, Christian Stutzki and Suduo Xue


Room: Coral

Chair: Toru Takeuchi

Co-Chair: Shiro Kato

Buckling strength of timber grid-shell roof with steel connections considering rotational stiffness

S Nakajima, Y Terazawa, T Takeuchi, T Ogawa, Y Yamazaki and H Saakata


The roof structural design of Fukui Prefectural Gymnasium located in heavy snow fall region

Shinsuke Yamazaki, Chikamasa Okuno and Hiroki Yoda


Seismic Response Evaluation of Long-span Domes Supported by Multi-storey Substructures Incorporating Spine Frames

Deepshikha Nair, Yuki Terazawa, Ben  Sitler and Toru Takeuchi


Structural Design of "Steel Pavilion"

M Uchiyama, H Nozawa, M Ohno and T Kobayashi


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