14:30 - 16:30

Technical sessions
CS - Timber and Bio-based Structures I


Room: Diamant

Chair: Andreas Falk

Whole Timber Construction: The State of the Art

Aurimas Bukauskas, Paul Mayencourt, Paul Shepherd, Caitlin Mueller, Bhavna Sharma, Pete Walker and Julie Bregulla


Diversity of “Space and Structure” in Timber Structures - Spatial Structures in Japan for the last 30 years-

K. Tamura, M. Saitoh and N. Miyasato


Modern timber design approaches for traditional Japanese architecture: analytical, experimental, and numerical approaches for the Nuki joint

D. Fang, J. Moradei, J. Brütting, A. Fischer, D. K. Landez, B. Shao, N. Sherrow-Groves, C. Fivet and C. Mueller


Spanning 9m with various combinations of small and short lumber - Structural Design of Kindergarten in Date City

R. Murata


Composite Glulam Timber and Concrete for the Performing Arts

D Foxe


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