17:00 - 19:00

Technical sessions
IS - The Next Generation of Parametric Design II

Invited Session organized by Jeroen Coenders


Room: Rossini 1

Chair: Jeroen Coenders

Balancing preferences and performance by informed structural design: a case study

Lennert Loos, Georgia Margariti, Kenny Verbeeck and Lars De Laet


Novel Parametric Knowledge Modelling approach applied to Viaducts

M Gkioka, J Coenders, R Nijsse, S van Nederveen, S Pasterkamp and A Rutgers


Proposal of design method of natural and rational tree-structure based on computational hanging upside-down simulation

Chisato Eguchi, Noritoshi Sugiura and Hiroyuki Tagawa


The combination of SQL database queries and stochastic search methods used to explore generative design solutions

P. von Buelow


Application of parametric design tools for the roof of the C3 tech demonstration house - CUBE.

I. Vakaliuk, M. Frenzel and M. Curbach


Parametric design of Built Structures - State of the Art

Sanjay Somanath, Vanessa  Reed, Robert  Carpenter, Sara Davidson, Jack  Wu and Paolo Beccarelli


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