17:00 - 19:00

Technical sessions
CS - Computational Methods II


Room: Arona

Chair: Pierluigi D‘Acunto

Co-Chair: Patrick Ole Ohlbrock

Extended Limit Analysis for Reinforced Masonry applied to steel-reinforced, concrete, tile vaulted structures

D. Lopez Lopez, P. Roca, A. Liew, T. Van Mele and P. Block


The role of rotational collapse mode and catenary-type thrust lines in the limit state analysis of masonry arches.

O. Gaspar, A. A. Sipos and I. Sajtos


Numerical modelling of barrel and cross masonry vaults with different brick pattern

M Alforno, C Calderini, A Monaco and F Venuti


Limit state approach for structurally informed design of shells composed of interlocking blocks.

E. Mousavian and C. Casapulla


DEM modelling of masonry vaults: influence of brick pattern and infill on stability during supports displacements

C. Boni, D. Ferretti, E. Lenticchia and A. Tasora


Dry Self-balanced vaulting

V. Paris, A.  Pizzigoni, G. Ruscica, M. Panzeri, A. Locatelli, M. Pievani, J. Gherardi, M Caseri, F. Lombardoni and G.  Marchetti


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