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Flood Risk Management intensive postgraduate Studies

Period and Dates:

The course is three months long and starts on September 12 to December 2 of 2016.
The total number of lecture hours is 168 in 12 weeks.


Monday to Friday. Mode: Attendance

Integrated flood risk management aims to reduce the human and socio-economic losses caused by flooding while taking into account the social, economic and ecological benefits from floods and the use of flood plains or coastal zones. The need for the adoption of a holistic integrated approach to managing flood risks has been reflected in the Flood Directive of the European Parliament.
This program follows the holistic approach and is explicitly designed to cover a wide range of topics - from drivers and natural processes to models, decisions and socio-economic consequences and institutional environment and is therefore an important advance in water education for Europe.

For whom?

Program is open to students with a BSc, preferably in civil or environmental engineering, but otherwise in geosciences, environmental sciences, limnology, oceanography, geography, geology or natural resources.




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