The aim of the Congress of Numerical Methods in Engineering (CMN) is to act as a forum to compile the most relevant scientific and technical works in the area of numerical methods and computational mechanics, as well as their practical applications.

CMN 2022, is organized jointly by the Spanish (SEMNI) and Portuguese (APMTAC) societies of numerical methods and by the University Institute of Intelligent Systems and Numerical Applications in Engineering (SIANI) of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC).

The previous joint congresses of both societies were held in Madrid (2002), Lisbon (2004), Granada (2005), Porto (2007), Barcelona (2009), Coimbra (2011), Bilbao (2013), Lisbon (2015), Valencia (2017) and Minho (2019).

Having been Las Palmas de Gran Canaria the venue of the First WCC Congress organized by SEMNI in 1990, (General Chairs: Gabriel Winter and Miguel Galante), it returns 31 years later to its first venue.

The scientific program of the CMN 2022 will be structured in thematic sessions according to the different specialties of the numerical methods. The papers presented at the congress will constitute a reference of the recent advances and future lines of work.

In addition, a series of plenary lectures will be given by internationally renowned researchers.