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About CM3 Conference

ECCOMAS Industry Interest Group

The ECCOMAS Industry Interest Group (IIG) is actively promoting the CM3 2017 conference.

CM3 is a tool to achieve two of the objectives of the IIG: strengthening the ECCOMAS industrial liaison and developing contacts between ECCOMAS and the European Commission (in particular the different DGs).

Format of the Conference

The format of the CM3 event will include Plenary lectures, Keynote presentations, Mini-symposiums and Forum, contributed papers, and dissemination of EC projects. Moreover, we will organize Special Technology Round Table Sessions (STS) for axes major application of the conference and Forum.

An special EC-CM3 event will take place on November 23.

Conference Topics

Scope: Modeling and Simulation challenges in Aeronautics, Automotive, Logistics, Marine and Railway Transport

Application areas:

Urban mobility and multimodal transport, Transport infrastructure management and design, In silico Blue Technologies, Aircraft and Vehicle Technology, Environmental impact simulation, Security and safety, Vehicle and user communication interfaces and Logistics


  • CFD & Wave Problems: Aerodynamics and Hydro dynamics, Acoustics and Aero-acoustics. Electromagnetism.

  • Structural Mechanics and Dynamics & FSI

  • Uncertainty Quantification in Transport

  • Optimization and Control: Route and Navigation, Mission Path Planning, Fleet Ground, Marine and Air Management, Optimal Design, Traffic Management, Big Data Platform

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