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Number of visits: 162523

10:30 - 12:30

Parallel sessions
MS09: Functional Materials with Multiphysics Coupling and their Applications I

Mini-Symposium organized by Tarak Ben Zineb and Wael Zaki


Room: P3

Chair: Tarak Ben Zineb

Co-Chair: Wael Zaki

Sensors integrated inside metal castings verified to respond to force

R. Carlsson, C. Johansson, L. Elmquist, A. Thore, F. Ahrentorp, M. Törnvall, B. Israelsson, V. Schaller and P. Johannisson


Self-heating and fatigue of superelastic shape memory alloy structures

L. Saint-Sulpice, S. Arbab Chirani, S. Calloch, C. Doudard and V. Legrand


A thermomechanically coupled finite-strain constitutive model for Iron-based Shape Memory Alloys accounting for coupling between phase transformation and plastic sliding

A. Sallami, W. Khalil, T. Bouraoui and T. Ben Zineb


Study of the pseudoelastic damping behaviour of the Fe-30Mn-6Si-5Cr shape memory alloy

M. Megdiche, A. Sallami, F. Thiebaud, T. Bouraoui, T. Ben Zineb and S.A. Chirani


Simulation of coupled transformation and plasticity in NiTi at elevated temperatures and stresses

P. Sedlak, M. Frost, H. Seiner, L. Heller and P. Sittner


Microstructures in modulated martensites - experimental observations and theoretical models

H. Seiner, R. Chulist, A. Sozinov, L. Straka and O. Heczko


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