Conferences of the "Ad-Hoc" Industrial Working Group for the Development of MoS


Invitation Letter

Invitation Letter by Jose Laranjeira Anselmo

Dear Motorways of the Sea (MoS) Stakeholders:

I am writing to invite you to attend the coming MoS Conference that will take place in Barcelona. This will be the first of a cycle of Six Conferences starting in November 2017 and closing in Summer 2018 hand-in-hand with the Posidonia Conference in Athens.

The aim of these Conferences is to increase the visibility of MoS within the framework of the European Union Development Programs and consequently to increase the volume of resources available for the co-funding of development projects submitted by MoS Stakeholders.

As you well know, the role of MoS is quintessential for the development and prosperity of Europe, but unfortunately this is not widely known !…Therefore you have to help us in-parting and sharing this knowledge with the European Citizen and with the European decision Makers: Maritime transport cares for 75% of European External Trade and 40% of its internal trade.

The Conferences will be the ideal dissemination tool, as “Decision makers” need to be made aware that we need more efficient and secure ports, cleaner and safer ships and great Human Operators throughout the European Chain of Transport. Finally, that we need support for our effort in getting to an effective and efficient integration of Maritime transport in the great matrix of European Land Transport Corridors - achieving an interoperable transport system as well as paperless Logistics and thereby eliminating all the unnecessary and costly “Red Tape”.

In the past, MoS has supported many achievements and deployment of innovation but much is yet to be done. In these last two years, funding has been enormously reduced and priority transferred to the funding of “White Elephants” - you know them ! This has to change and instead, funding in Maritime must be increased, namely to reduce peripherality issues and guarantee every European maritime region a fair access to more central markets.
We need to lead TEN-T and CEF into the right track again, i.e. to pave the way for this European integration and wide access to all European Markets.

Soon, the Discussion on the use of the remaining CEF funds (many hundreds of Millions) will start and at the same time this will give a clear sign on how the (many billions) in funds for the next Financial Program will be used ! on which priorities… MoS has to be there ! and the MoS stakeholders that have been the engine driving innovation and efficient development in Shipping need to be visible and make their voice heard.

MoS stakeholders need to make Brussels aware about the facts of life such as the fundamentals of the Security of Supply in Europe, Clean and efficient transport systems, etc - This Conference is the right place for it!
The first Conference of this new cycle (2017-2018) is about to start - its venue is scheduled for Barcelona on the 20/21 of November 2017 and we need your attendence to make it happen!

Please take into account that the venue has a capacity limited to 96 people with first come, first served basis so I strongly suggest you to register as soon as possible using the following link.

Let me thank you in advance for joining forces with us - that will very much help build the required flagstones for the development of MoS !

Many Thanks

Jose Laranjeira Anselmo
On Behalf of the Ad-Hoc Industrial Group