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Seminar Venue

Short guide to your visit in Umeå during NSCM 31

Welcome to NSCM 31 in Umeå, the town of the silver birches and Europe’s cultural capital 2014. Ubmeje is the Umeå Sami name for both the Umeälven River and the City of Umeå. The name is old and probably means “thundering, turbulent” and very likely has its origins in the sound made by the rapids on the Umeälven River.

Approximately 120.000 people live in Umeå. Umeå is one of Sweden’s most important student towns and it leaves its mark on everything from culture, sport and entertainment to intellectual stimulation. Festivals, lectures and concerts are held almost every day and the problems which arise are more to do with worrying about what to do than a lack of options.

Conference Venue

The NSCM 31 conference will take place at "P5", a purpose-built venue located in Väven, at the heart of Umeå offering energising daylight and great views over the river and city.

Facility overview

P5 – Konferens. Möten. Festvåning
Storgatan 46 A
903 26 Umeå
Entré Väven Norra, Våning 5

Coming to Umeå

All airlines that serve Umeå Airport

Note that on Saturdays, there are usually only a limited number of incoming and outgoing carrier flights available.

International flights usually go via Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

  • Air Balti ( BT), +371 67 00 60 06
  • BRA ( TF), 0771-44 00 10
  • Finnair ( AY), 0771-78 11 00
  • Norwegian   (DY/D8), 0770-45 77 00
  • SAS Scandinavian Airlines   ( SK), 0770-72 77 27
  • Svenska Direktflyg ( HS), 0243-444 700
  • The airport coach departs and arrives outside the front of the airport terminal.

    Bus tickets and information

    Länstrafiken's web site


    Prebook Flygtaxi so that the taxi arrives at the same time as your flight.

  • Umeå Taxi +4690-77 00 00
  • Eco Taxi +4690-911 911
  • Taxi Direkt +4690-100 100
  • Taxi Kurir +4690-18 18 18